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The latest version of Baidu mobile phone assistant v9.1.0 official version of Android Baidu mobile phone assistant to download and install 2019| The latest version of Baidu mobile phone assistant The score: 8

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Software introduction

Baidu iphone The official genuine app The original Baidu applications, Baidu Inc is designed for Android mobile phone users to create download resources management platform, providing free massive applications, games, themes of the local download, can also be used in the management of a mobile phone, fast and convenient. Quickly download experience!

The official website

Game channel heavy revision, wonderful game at your fingertips

The most popular application carefully recommended, there is always a most suitable for you

The new entertainment channel surprise presents, gossip, video, Cartoon You see, love is here

A new channel, create top reading experience, let you see a massive free novel

The new welfare channel, application of preferential benefits.

The flow of calls to a movie ticket, let you save money every day

Garbage, power-saving mode, commonly used software... Give you the most efficient service, you know, like you

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The latest version of Baidu mobile phone assistant features

[tube] mobile phone

[application] management upgrade Comprehensive management, download, uninstall

[management] space cleaning, acceleration, finishing a key effect

[] utility is practical and portable, variety for you Choice


[today] the best help you avoid fear

[list] recommended to help you choose the best application

[new] let your booking lead times Trend

[first] quality allows you to experience the quality of science and technology

[small] of wisdom

[rich] skills as astronomy, Xiao geography

[table] floating window light and convenient, at any time to reach

[voice Q & A Small degree is small, easy to arouse

Baidu Android mobile phone assistant version function

Provincial Traffic update: domestic leading technology, supports all popular applications, greatly reduce the update traffic consumption, save up to 90% traffic.

Massive resources: free access to hundreds of thousands of apps and games, the more massive genuine exclusive wallpaper, as you choose.

Mobile local resource management: intuitive and efficient management on your mobile phone applications, pictures, video and music files, support the use of a key upgrade, a key to delete the file.

Connect with computer: fast and computer connections, from mobile phones and computers are not separated, the management of mobile phone more convenient.

Precise voice search: the accuracy rate of up to 96%, without the need to manually enter, you want to speak directly.

High-speed download: stable high-speed server security, more HTTP, respond to all network conditions.

Update log

V9.1.0 update:

[new] small programs do not download the hit, want to play

[] details page optimization of the new upgrade, video demo To help you choose

[new] Entertainment Small video Funny, hot everything

[] new interface optimization and style, the visual effect of a comprehensive upgrade

[] List Ranking Optimization and recommendation list, more as you choose

V8.6.1 update:

[new] page management assistant small, small small degree of service at any time

[] clean up and accelerate the optimization of mobile phone, according to the state intelligence service

[] to optimize application performance and compact size, smooth service

Software screenshot

Download address

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