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The 12306 batch registration machine v1.3 version of the green free 12306 download | account registration machine The 12306 batch of register The score: 8

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Software introduction

12306 account registration machine is a free 12306 account for batch registration software, to a large number of registered users account brush votes, this software can help you easily register multiple accounts, is to force, welcome everyone to download experience in green network resources.

Software description

Myth 12306 registration machine is the use of SMS code receiving platform produced a 12306 account registration machine, easily and quickly registered 12306 account, although the tube very strict, but we still do not interfere with the registration of these accounts, brush ticket etc.. The software is completely free, need friends can download to try oh!

 12306 account registration batch machine

Myth 12306 account registration machine using the method

In the first 1. green resource network to download software, after decompression can be directly run the keygen (if soft kill false positives, please add to the use of trust)

You need to register 2. into account, set the dial, a code, access code information, click [start] button to the successful implementation of 13206 batch registration

3. software need to receive verification code can be realized 12306 account registration, this is in need of money , regardless of any platform, are free of charge!

The price is almost the same 4. platform, need friends can download!

Related questions

12306 registered account forgot how to do

12306 account username, password, email are forgotten, the solution is as follows:

1, the first to enter the "12306 website" and then click "login" (not real login), will see on a feedback mailbox, with their mailbox to send mail on the mail to explain their problems can be.

2, or call the customer service phone to solve the problem.

12306 registered duplicate identity do

The ticket website real name system, so when you register once, will not be able to register. There may be others to use your identity card registration website.

Please use the original account and password to log in.

If you forget your account number and password, please click to retrieve your password, you can retrieve your account number and password.

Of course, does not rule out the website in question, because more recent purchasers, resulting in many sites, please try to refresh or use other Browser Try to register again.

Decompression password:

Software screenshot

Download address

Click the error Unable to download software download or not available, please click on the error, thank you!

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