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EPSON L301 printer clear green free installation EPSON L301 software download | EPSON L301 printer reset The users score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: EPSON Clear software

EPSON L301 printer reset tool Is a good use of the printer Clear software For, in the computer operation for the zero waste ink printers, welcome friends in need to download experience green resources network!


After decompression, double-click the waste ink pad reset.Exe

Model Name: Choice The type of printer

Port Selection: select the printer port

 EPSON L301 software free installation


Program type: Sequential Repair Adjustment Program

Usage method:

Open the software, click ACCEPT

Select the Model Name type Stylus Photo R230 (if your printer is R220 on the election of 220, not to the wrong Oh)

Port Selection choose your printer port;

Area: Asia

Click on Ok to maintain interface;

Click the selection of equipment maintenance, waste ink counter waste ink pad counter, you can click to read the following information in the window to see your printer numerical waste ink! Just click the "reset" reset can complete zero.

According to the above steps to complete when the printer nozzle will move a few, light will be flashing, then turn off the printer, and then exit clear software.

To open the printer, the printer is temporarily not prompted to zero

Restart the software English version, landing page 1. choose 2302. AUTO selection 3. Asia, after entering the current menu "Adjustment"

Then select the first item, click on the "OK" after the exit, don't forget to open up your R230 with software. This will complete the repair work.

The printer component to the service life. Please contact the service center! (or double cross flash)

Then you have to reset, reset can only solve this problem (remove the waste ink pad, alarm error) other problems including "foreign body", "jam", "unrecognized cartridges, ink, printing is not clear" with zero independent, will try to help solve the problem of zero outside.

Software screenshot

Download address

Click the error Unable to download software download or not available, please click on the error, thank you!

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