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Alipay Alipay wallet IOS version v10.1.32 iPhone version of mobile phone Alipay wallet Apple mobile phone download | Alipay wallet IOS version Alipay The score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: Alipay Alipay

Alipay The apple version of Mobile Phone Wallet Is a very easy to use Mobile phone payment software That it is equivalent to have a mobile wallet scan code to pay easily, can also carry out calls, Flow recharge And pay utilities, there is a need to welcome friends to download experience green resources network!

The official introduction

Alipay Alipay wallet iPhone version is the application of Taobao launched mobile phone users, convenient payment and management of personal accounts of alipay.

Alipay Alipay wallet IOS version features

1. card ticket management: a bunch of electronic coupons, now they can be received here, enjoy preferential and never fall.

Mobile phone: 2. transfer fee free, as long as the other mobile phone number can be transferred to the Alipay account or bank card.

 Alipay wallet iPhone

3. mobile phone recharge: discounts for themselves and for others to charge calls, let mobile phone never stop.

Four Credit Card Repayment: fee free, in support of the mainstream more than 30 bank credit card payments and repayment reminder.

5.: Hydro fuel payment fee free, easy to complete whenever and wherever possible water electricity gas fee, removed from queue.

Update log

New in version


1, the new emotional transfer, rich personality template for you Choice ;

2, scan code can identify the bank card, making the card can transfer, repayment;

3, credit card can be set automatically repayment, the repayment date is no longer missed;

4, the credit card bill into upgrade 14, support for;

5, the bill allows you to grasp the real-time consumption;

6, the balance of treasure revision, gains more clearly, more intimate;

7, I travel, my card coupons interface is more beautiful and easy to use.


Repair of other known security issues

New in version

1. to iPhone5 are completely fit;

2. modifications to the IOS version may lead to flash back problems;

3. modifications to the IOS version of the mobile phone may make treasure can not use problem.

Developer: Alipay (China) Network Technology Co. Ltd.

Software screenshot

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