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Memtest (memory testing tool) v4.0 finished version for free Memtest 4 Chinese version | Memtest (memory testing tool) The score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: Memtest Memory test

Memtest4.0 Chinese version is a good computer CPU memory test software. The system can support a variety of memory space detection, symbol search service! This program search speed, and have the function of anti compilation. Welcome to download.

Software introduction

MemTest is a very powerful Memory testing tool It can be found in programming, memory related errors, such as uninitialized memory access, illegal access and memory leak. A friend in need as soon as possible to the green resources away!

 Memtest4.0 Chinese version

Memtest4.0 software features

1, debugging and disassembly process tool

2, support a variety of scripting languages, real time hex editor

3, the MHS memory search speed is very fast, powerful and easy to use anti compilation function

4, search, view and modify the process memory

5, memory data search: characters, bytes, short integer, unsigned short integer, long integer, unsigned long integer, 64 bit integer, floating point, and double precision floating-point type. The exact value of the search, not equal to, less than, greater than the range, and the unknown

MemTest introduction

MemTest is a rare memory detection tool, it can not only thorough testing the stability of memory, but also the ability of data retrieval and also test the memory storage, so you can do now to control your machine is using the memory in the end can not be trusted.

Most of the hardware detection software did not do a complete inspection of the parts, usually only can use rough detection, which is tested on your computer currently installed memory can perform properly, but the MemTest in this area is this gadget scouring many, through the debug mode can complete every kind of memory test your problem over there, but not limited to label, as long as it is installed on your computer, the memory can be used to detect Mem Test do the work for you.

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