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Bl-9000 series software and driver v8.4.0.0 official version DVR particle video capture card | Bl-9000 series software and driver The score: 8

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Software introduction

DVR particle video capture card to provide users with bl-9000 software driver, support various types of driver installation, easy to connect the device to a computer work, simple operation, welcome to download the green resources!

DVR particle video capture card introduction

Particle video capture card (DVR) 9000 series software and driver (DVR:Digital Video Recorder System) digital video recorders, including monitoring and recording software, driver. Setup.exe install. It is recommended to install the Windows XP system as the monitoring server. If there is no clear place, please refer to the Help.chm file

 Bl-9000 series software and driver

The advantage of software

Single or multi screen + watch with a round robin display

Support + mixed, while receiving millions of high-definition digital video camera and analog signal

Hard disk video + multi cycle

+ continued, mobile, timing and alarm recording

9000 + ETHER models can be any combination of mixed interpolation, composed of 4-24 Monitor System

+ 1-24 way video playback history chart

PTZ + local and remote control and preset settings

+ IE client and remote monitoring, remote playback, remote video and remote backup

EXE format video file backup, video playback directly without any other player

Multi user rights management distribution

+ mobile detecting multi domain set, and adjustable sensitivity

IP + embedded free dynamic DNS

+ mobile detection triggers video with EMAIL transmission

+ shield Windows desktop, my computer and the task manager, to ensure the stability of

Multiple DVR + remote monitoring unified IP address

+ stream clamp

Support + more than 50 countries language version

+ help system of accurate positioning, fool operation

Software screenshot

Download address

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