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The Royal war nine tribal conflict tour version of the latest version of Android v2.5.4 The Royal war nine Tour Edition Download | Tribal conflict Royal war Tour Edition 9 The score: 8

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The Royal war Nine Tour Official genuine Are you looking for? This version of green resources network will bring you, let you experience the world famous Classic Mobile Games Please download the game works, and full service together with the challenge of game player, toward a higher cup.

The Royal war nine Tour Edition introduction

Tribal conflict : the Royal war is a fast paced, very strategic game, in the game you can collect favorite "tribal conflict" character card, unlock has all kinds of cards, and raise their level, establishing suitable for schools to their routine to fight with the enemy, quickly download games and full service game player together for it. , and lead them to destroy the opponent's Royal Tower to win the games.

 The Royal war Tour Edition nine

The Royal war and tribal conflict that

The Royal war and tribal conflict two games will continue by a team of two independent development, is not a sequel, the original "tribal conflict: the Royal War (Clash Royale)" the development team, some members from the "tribal conflict (Clash ofClans)" development team. But now our team and no staff is also responsible for both games development. We will continue to develop a team independently in both games.

To update the content

Newly added

- new epic card: skeleton guards

- new common card: flame Elf

- new card: flame furnace

- New Legend: lava hounds, digging miners, electromagnetic gun


1. Princess: life value decreased 10%.

2. ice Mage: damage increased by 5%.

3.X Liannu: attack range reduced to 12 by 13 grid lattice.

4. Cannon: duration reduced to 30 seconds from 40 seconds.

5. Tesla electromagnetic Tower: attack speed by 0.7 seconds at a time reduced to 0.8 seconds to attack a single attack, duration from 60 seconds Reduced to 40 seconds.

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