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Pokemon engraved version of the v4.9.1 version of the iPhone Apple quickly Pokemon engraved with fast version IOS download | Pokemon engraved with fast version of apple The score: 8

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The game is introduced

Pokemon Fast with engraved version of IOS Is a classic Pocket Monster Mobile Games works, many game player is looking for this version of the game, this version of green resources network will be available to everyone, so that Apple users can become a good training of Pocket Monster, to recover all kinds of rare animal and elves.

Pokemon engraved With the fast version of IOS Machine learning skill acquisition mode

PVP store

"Shadow ball, flight, surfing, sweet gas, sleep, destruction of dead, frozen Mountains fall and the earth splits., wind, >

The league tournament

"Meng toxins, frozen light, relentless, sword dance, destroy the death ray, snowstorm, bubble light.

Ten even the skills of gold

"All the garbage skills + + one hundred thousand + V + earthquake Mountains fall and the earth splits. chimerstry + sleep + + + + light frozen sword pressurizing Blizzard + + + + double burst of thunder: Wrath of the Dragon + + electromagnetic wave absorption + damage death > million tons

Mysterious store skills

"Frozen light, light, bubble destruction on earth, die cast.

Pokemon engraved version of Apple quickly with initial elf analysis

Little dragon

With the initial form of the lovely face! The final form of cool domineering appearance! Small dragon must be the first choice of many game player!

Small dragon initial attack and anti matter are relatively low, but can learn spells, leveling is not a problem.

Jeni turtle

The initial form of simple and honest lovely that many women choose game player it! The final form of the blastoise is domineering exposed and strength to allow all doubt!

By virtue of its good initial attack and anti matter, no problem the way to cut melon vegetable, can learn! Spells, but more is because carrying a tiger with wings added, tortoise shell, will inevitably speed a bit low, but this does not affect the way we value Jeni turtle.


The popularity of grass attributes are relatively low, but this situation did not and strength! Can quickly learn to attribute the initial skill, also has a museum of nirvana - road control and final form of parasitic! Have strong output skills, can only say that the master is lonely!

The initial inherent attributes and learning skills faster, in front of the two Road Museum is not a problem, a balance between offense and defense, special defense agent is first class, being property restraint when also can persist for a long time!

Update content

1, now wizard interface can display the character of good attributes

2, the new battle gameplay! The new Guild tournament, game player vs game player! The real test and technical personnel collocation contest

3, add a new trial! Summon and justice of the ancient animal flash flash elf struck! Animal, waiting for you

4, cross service room match, now the room can see all the game player game server, can we try not to say.

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