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JJ games hall 2017 v1.0.0.2 the latest version of the official JJ game download 2017 | JJ games hall 2017 The score: 8

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The game is introduced

JJ 2016 is a professional chess game platform. The platform pays more attention to the game of competitive play, the real game player game, in the course of the game exciting, experience the fun of chess, there are huge amounts of rich prizes! Come to the Green Resources Network Download experience!

The official introduction

JJ game in the "competitive" as the core, through the organization of the game, let the game player to spend time in the joy of the game of "exciting and fighting an endless enjoyment.". The platform provides Fight against landlords Mahjong, royalist, Tractor Dezhou, Kim Sam-soon, poker, Billiards And a variety of games, winning the game player can win prizes by these games for free.

Platform features

JJ game is the company's core brand, the development and operation of the JJ Siguojunqi, landlords, mahjong, Xiangqi Dezhou, poker, tractor, Golden Miner The network chess game, in the multitude of strong online games market, with the obvious advantages of chess athletics specialization, the diversification of the game, just 2 years, the number of registered users has nearly 3000 million, burst out of the gaming industry China shake rock strength, give people cultural life provides a rich spiritual food.

With no wait with the fight: complete mechanism, lovers at any time without waiting for the competition;

A game without cheating: a random distribution table, full video surveillance, to prevent cheating;

000 melee combat strong: the highest number of online landlords JJ nearly 100 thousand players in the joy of the battle of casual puzzle;

Master: challenge and win national JJ doudizhu tournament held once a year, the total bonus increased year by year, 2010 second JJ landlords tournament total prize money of 210 thousand, to attract massive players; at the same time, we every day for free competition winners provide computer and mobile phone recharge cards and other prizes, practical.


How to start the game
Choice Game
Login JJ The game hall After a game, click on the arbitrary choice (landlords as an example):

 JJ game download

Find the match
Enter the Landlords game hall, choose the left side of the conventional division will see on the platform of various conventional types of games. Find you want to participate in the game, then click on the right side of the registration button (see below).

 JJ game hall

How to sign up
In the pop-up Dialog box You can see the basic game information. Click the left button under the registration to participate in the competition.

 JJ game 2017

engage in a contest
Then enter the game interface, below is your own cards. Right is the real-time situation of this game.

 JJ game hall 2017


Download address

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The second floor of the 137844.xyz guest users Published: 2017/2/18 18:31:08
Chess game platform is very good ah! Too many different chess game, very love!

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The first floor of the Malaysia 137844.xyz guest users Published: 2015/2/5 21:41:11
It is fun to play and play different before

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