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KC phone is the latest version of v5.7.0 KC network phone free download | KC network telephone The score: 8

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Software introduction

KC Telephone network For the majority of users to create intelligent communication tool, completely free of any charges, online chat and other short message sending, intelligent with a push to talk more convenient. Come to the Green Resources Network Download experience!

KC network telephone software

KC telephone network is a network communication software and network, network and telephone. Collection of a variety of communication functions hyper terminal . It is an open network communication software, integration of free Internet phone, free SMS, e-mail, Internet chat, network mail list and other communications services, truly realize the "perfect communication at anytime and anywhere with anyone contact experience.

 KC network phone free version

The latest version of the characteristics of KC network telephone

1, make network calls

Invited 1 friends, you can get 60 minutes calls +1 month VIP, the highest invited 10 people, can get 1 free calls.

2, telephone IP

IP telephone, can directly use KC phone 0 yuan purchase, free door-to-door, tariff packages more affordable, as long as 3 cents.

3, mobile phone software call

Support most of the mobile phone to install KC Internet phone software, can choose direct and callback way call all domestic and foreign mobile phone and fixed phone.

4, call KC

KC network telephone, you can call all domestic and foreign mobile phone and fixed line telephone, domestic long-distance as low as 0.04 yuan / minute.

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