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Software introduction

Software label: 66call Telephone network

66call Telephone network Is a free Internet phone software. Support China Mobile China Unicom, the three major telecom operators. Provides direct, callback function, call quality HD, ultra low cost! Welcome friends to download the use of green resources.

The official introduction

66call is currently the leading Internet phone brand. 66call through the WIFI/3G flow direct dial global mobile phone and mobile phone, landline, directly call 66call exactly the same, by virtue of its own technology, industry-leading high quality, low cost, support computer, mobile phone use, rent free roaming, no additional cost. The binding number registered the highest gift 60 minutes of free phone calls, please use the free download!

Function introduction

1. callback: can call any global phone, do not need to network traffic, domestic long-distance minimum to 3 cents for 1 minutes.

Dial 2.: applicable to the mobile version, the computer version, in the state of networking, you can call any one of the world's countries and regions, fixed line phone.

3. contacts: all contacts encrypted data is stored on the server, safe and reliable, and never lost; anyone can access the Internet, can at any time to view and edit contacts.

66call call the way ":

Do not download, do not call the ultra low tariff headset, not subject to any such as network bandwidth, communication effect depends entirely on your mobile phone or landline phone. Please visit the official website home page.

Please enter my telephone number":

 66call Internet phone software

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 66call network telephone

Please click on the "free call":

The system will connect you and the other side of the phone, to provide more stable and more clear voice quality for you.

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First, Guangdong Chaozhou Unicom users guests Published: 2014/7/8 12:08:47
You can call each other free telephone, free call I believe we all love, ha ha!

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