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Mung bean brush artifact computer version V6.0 official version of the amendment _ bean artifact with Android mobile phone automatic brush machine video tutorial Download the mung bean brush artifact PC version | The computer version of mung bean brush artifact The users score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: Brush artifact

Mung bean artifact (the original "Android drive") — — Android's first drive tool, truly automatic drive search, install the driver automatically, and provide more than 10000 of the total free Android software, Android games, automatic simple installation. Since the release, has received more than 350 thousand Android game player support and love, in the 35 Android of the fire forum Have a post recommended, there are 5 universities to set up a special group of fans. This product is for time-honored — with official technology network and Android Systems Co produced.

Functional characteristics:

The new user interface
All this, in order to let you work for more convenient and fun!
Interface more professional fan, just a little easier

In order to brush and Android
Android phone friends do not brush? NO WAY! Mung bean artifact brush brush first fool.
If 2012, will brush in the end

Brush machine, but also to backup
I often worry about handling software of data loss, I have the habit of finishing.
So, I often use mung bean brush artifact backup

Native ROM, third ROM
Mung bean brush artifact provides factory original native ROM package, providing mobile phone original pure environment for you.
Of course, the popular use of third party ROM will also welcome you Choice

Don't drive yourself
Automatic installation of data cable plug, mung bean brush artifact Mobile phone driver Is the official version.

Absolutely simple, awesome!
The massive software game FOREVER

For the software installed, install the game! What is more important than this?
High speed download A key installation, local management, computer, mobile phone even without touch

Order for surprises
A key ROOT software download, online management, software installation.

Update log:

Update: 2013-7-25
Android automatic brush artifact

The computer version of mung bean brush artifact V5.1
Mana release 1: new brush ROOT, support more than 1000 mainstream popular models.
2: the new mana release frame, small green, a key to see all the details of models.
The release of 3 mana: new brush, brush ROM, hundreds of models of a key brush, speed upgrade
There are also some new functions:
The new package market, massive free, fast update, never OUT
The new aircraft identification and connection, ready for connection and support for the latest version of the system
The new game software download experience, concise and simple
New experience, rapid response, thanks to the new framework
A new architecture, stable, efficient and flexible, rigorous
The computer version of mung bean brush artifact V4.1
* the new automatic brush machine support (23 models to 193 models)
* added support for Android 4.2.2 systems and equipment connection
* solution ZTE V889d, Samsung I9300 placed the ROM packet error problem, and support the V889d built-in storage brush
* HTC EVO 4G cannot solve the problem of the brush into the Recovery
* solve computer decompression brush failure problem machine package
* FastBoot driver download problem solving
* HTC G11 G17 onex to solve the official mobile phone brush into the kernel problem
* optimized memory card detection mode, if the mobile phone open data transmission, large capacity storage mode, will be prompt
The optimization process of brush tip Chinese *!
* optimized equipment identification
* part of the mobile phone does not require ROOT to brush machine

How to use the brush into the ROM patch of mung bean, upgrade Package:

In any interface (menu) press the MENU button, pop-up all functions Navigation ;
Click the "brush" button to enter the function, and click the brush";
Click "select the SD card and SD card, click" browse "";
Find the ROM patch or upgrade package on the SD card, and click select;
After the confirmation, click "next", will enter into the brush options;
By default, the "backup system" and "formatting system" is a hook, at this time, the abolition of the "format" option. If not required before the backup system is wrapped in the brush into the ROM patch or upgrade, also can cancel the option. Once selected, the next step;
After the confirmation of all the information, will brush into ROM, mung bean patch upgrade package.

Software screenshot

Download address

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