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Macromedia Flash 8 simplified Chinese version of for 32/64 Flash8.0 official download | Macromedia Flash 8.0 Chinese simplified version The score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: Flash8 Flash Macromedia

Macromedia Flash 8 Chinese Version (Flash8 player) is now known as the Adobe Flash, is a specially used to play SWF file player, is a 2D animation software, is widely used, a friend in need, please download experience!

Macromedia Flash introduction

Macromedia Flash, referred to as Flash, later merged with Adobe, now known as Adobe Flash, is a kind of 2D animation software of American Macromedia design company. Usually including Macromedia Flash, used to design and edit Flash documents, and Adobe FlashPlayer, used to play Flash files.

Flash is an interactive vector graphics and Web animation standard. Web designers use Flash to create beautiful, can change the size and extremely tight Navigation Interface, technical specifications and other strange effect.

It is with Macromedia Dreamweaver® and Macromedia Fireworks® and called "the three musketeers.

Macromedia Flash 8 tips

Is widely used in the Internet "vector animation file format.

The use of vector (Vector Graphics) the way out of the film produced occupy less storage space.

Use Flash to create films have their own special file format (SWF)

The company claims that 97% of the world's network Browser Have built-in Flash player (Flash Player)

Is Macromedia's "rich Internet applications" (RIA) platform for the realization of the concept

The main file format

Swf this is a complete movie file cannot be edited. Sometimes was called "swiff". Swf can be released in Choice The protection function, if there is no choice, it is easy for others to use his original input file. However, the protection function still can not stop the number of hacking software, there are a lot of special flash in order to learn other people's code and design.

The original file fla Flash, can only use Macromedia Flash to open the editor.

As (sometimes called ActionScript) is a kind of programming language simple text files. The FLA files can be included directly in Actionscript, but it can also be saved as AS file as external link files (such as the ActionScript class definition must be written in the as file, then import added, to facilitate the work class) and more advanced program modification.

Macromedia Dreamweaver download address: Http://

Macromedia Fireworks download address: Http://


Attached inside, (,.Exe)

Update log

V8.0 update:

1. cross browser dynamic verification

2. more powerful CSS support

Graphics editing engine built in 3.

4. safety FTP

5. of the enhanced technical support

6. seamless integration of external files and code

The other 7. closely integrated MM tools

8. basic support for improvement

9. enhanced coding tools

10. improved design of open environment.

Flash8.0 serial number

Macromedia Flash V8.0 official simplified version Chinese

Software screenshot

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