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China online banking security controls v3.0.1.2 version of the official installation Bank online banking security controls | official download Chinese online banking security controls The score: 8

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Software introduction

Bank online banking Safety control Can you guarantee the system security effectively, when the input password to prevent all kinds of virus monitoring, which can make you safe login page version of the online bank for all types of operations at the same time, the control is very small, give you a good protective effect!

Bank of China Bank online banking security controls official

For the protection of the safe use of bank online banking, the log in page sensitive information input field, the system of security plug-in control. If you have not installed China bank bank online banking security controls or your Browser Set to "prohibit download the implementation of ActiveX control, leading to the failure to install security controls, you cannot enter online banking passwords. To solve this problem, please IE browser Menu Choice The "tools" - > "Internet options" - > "safe" - > "Internet" > "custom level", in Dialog box Select the reset to the level of security - ", click the" reset "to determine. IE browser settings successfully, please click on the login page "online banking security controls to download" link to download and install the online banking security controls.

Security controls to prevent malicious programs:

Safety control is mainly used for prevention of malware attacks, such as Trojan horses, it is cut through between the keyboard and the Trojan horse channel, to better protect the information security of online banking users.

In addition, if you install a ban control installation and operation of the Internet assistant software, please modify the corresponding settings for normal plug-in installation and use.

The bank online banking login?

If you do not install security controls, will not enter the password.

Only the core IE browser support.

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