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HTC t528d patch the latest version of mobile Internet HTC t528d g download | HTC t528d mobile Internet patch The users score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: Internet patch HTC

HTC t528d g patch is designed for HTC t528d mobile phone models to create a mobile Internet patch. If your HTC t528d is not on the network, install the patch can solve the problem. A friend in need, fast to download it green resources network!

HTC T528d introduction


HTC T528d in the design is very unique, the special shape of the fuselage irregular texture and the lens part for this machine adds a touch of fashion sense. The fuselage with a 4.3 inches Super LCD2 display with a resolution of 800x480 pixel control, display color saturation, color gorgeous.

HTC T528d with built-in 1024MHz clocked dual core processor, and 1GB RAM+4GB ROM memory combinations, the perfect run Android 4 system. In addition to the individuality strong fuselage also features a 5 million pixel camera, including LED lights, support 1080P video recording and other exciting experience.

An important parameter

The main screen size: 4.3 inches 800x480 pixel

 HTC t528d patch the latest version of mobile Internet

Touch screen: capacitive screen, multi touch

Camera pixels: 5 million pixels BSI

Operating system: Android OS 4

RAM capacity: 1GB

ROM capacity: 4GB

Battery capacity: 1800mAh

Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4

GPS navigation: support

G patch installation tutorial

1. first install the HTCT528 mobile network patch, and then after the installation of a [CT-GSM Internet] in the procedure.

2. after installation, don't shut down or restart, and then click open software, then select CDMA=>GSM, at this time will suggest that this program has stopped running. Don't bother, click OK on the line.

3. and then open the flight mode, and then enter into the mobile network settings, then you can see the [GSM] network has become optional options, but also on the Internet and CMWAP\CMNET parameters are set to complete the MMS, so no need to bother.

4. then cancel the flight mode, you can see the data flow here shows the network data transmission. Here g HTCT528D patch installation tutorial ended? It is not very simple? Don't give your love to try.

Software screenshot

Download address

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Second, Hunan Chenzhou Unicom users guests Published: 2015/1/7 9:20:17
How did GSM choice, only one network card slot and slot two network

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The 1 floor Yunnan, Baoshan telecom users guests Published: 2014/6/14 8:50:20
Resolved, thanks!

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