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Sea dictionary computer version of the latest version of v4.0.4 Sea dictionary | official download Sea dictionary computer version The score: 8

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Software introduction

Sea dictionary Is a very easy to use computer dictionary software, a collection of rich word resources, find ultra convenient, explain in detail, as well as intimate of demonstration, professional vocabulary can easily find Oh, welcome to download the use of green resources!

The official introduction

Sea dictionary by the majority of users, gradually become the essential software every day online, learning, work and life. The sea has a word on the Internet's largest and most professional in English, English vocabulary. Thousands of million level data dictionary covers various fields, from chemistry, biological, pharmaceutical, computer, civil, Mechanics , industry, sports, politics, religion, daily life, job search, dress up, food recipes, job titles, film books and other lines of various types of uncommon words, new words, hot words. Real time search G data to obtain the massive dictionary translation content through cloud services.
Small size, green software design has been a feature of sea dictionary, the capacity is only about 1M, green and safe, easy to download and install. characteristics

1, personalized toolbar
The mouse on the desktop icon on the suspension of small bees, automatic tools, automatically hide the mouse left
The search word translation
The full text translation
The words of this

 Sea dictionary client

The quick capture

The mouse from the word

The word translation

2, floating window query

Click on the desktop icon of the suspended small bees, the input term can be suspended window query

The word / checked before a 1 after a check word

Remove the contents button: clear all input box

The query Dictionary: shortcut Enter

The detailed interpretation (Ctrl+ / return) return to streamline the interpretation

The mouse from the word, word translation switch

The query definition "button

The permit / cancel automatic folding

The switch to normal mode

3, the history of Ci

A recent search word history will be recorded here, users can view their recent query entry, timely review and query

Addition to the words of this: the word quickly add to their own words
Remove from the word search history
The derived word search history: the record export to RTX file search word history
The empty word search history
4, check the translation of the main interface
The menu options button
The search input: input any entries you want to search for this
The word search history button
The contents of the display area
The mouse from the word, word translation button
The feedback
5, intelligent index
In the input entry at the same time, the cable leads the best matching word bar, supplemented by a concise explanation, accurate entry user judgment needed to input. And through the corresponding lexical selection in two ways on the keyboard or mouse click.
6, check the definition of interface, dictionary content
The sea words made design humanization of the core function of a dictionary function, a new user experience.
The pronunciation button
The button add new words
The entry grade identification
Explain the meaning of the precise
The detailed interpretation of the content area. Usage: contains words, explain the sea (inflections, [] [] [grammar usage, etymology interpretation], [] adj.), an explanation, antonym etc.
7, the interface is introduced
A copy of the button
The clear button: fast empty text
The choice of a translation engine
The translation button: press the Ctrl+Enter button to quickly view the text translation
8, the words of this interface
The number of markers
The word order: familiarity sort, sort of time
The modification of familiarity
The select function
The delete function
The classification of mobile
The display options
The more function
9, the mouse from the word, word translation interface
Mouse words is committed to accurate segmentation, as long as through the shortcut keys (initial settings Ctrl) plus the way to stay in a word, instant translation.
And support for web, mail, dialog, pictures, word PDF.
Click more explanation, pop-up main interface, detailed interpretation.
Word translation
Accurate, fast, the sea of word beyond the traditional limitations, only show the streamlined interpretation, optimize the user experience. Small scale view will prompt you to explain word process, does not affect the rest of your operation.
Drag from a floating window
The left button from floating window out from the arrow
Drag the text word search
Select the text and drag to floating window was explained
10, right-click menu options
You can right-click in the suspended small bees appear on the menu, the menu can also appear in the system tray icon button
11, introduces the software settings
There will be a new setting in the settings interface menu software, can set the contents include: general, hotkey, senior mouse from the word,

Offline dictionary
Download the Thesaurus: English Thesaurus in English Lexicon
Download: Britain English Thesaurus thesaurus Thesaurus
Use method (need to close the sea dictionary):
(1).Windows XP system: Rename Download for ec.dict and ce.dict database, C:\Documents and Settings\{placed in the Data\\Dict\dict directory Settings\Application username}\Local;
(2).Windows vista/7 system: Download thesaurus for ec.dict and renamed ce.dict, placed in the}\AppData\Local\\Dict\dict directory C:\Users\{username.
Tip: if you do not see the specified directory, please display hidden files or download and I placed into the ec.dict ce.dict directory, double-click the execution will automatically copy.

Software screenshot

Download address

Click the error Unable to download software download or not available, please click on the error, thank you!

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