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U master U disk boot disk creation tools v4.4.3.0 Chinese Professional Edition Master u u disk boot disk | official download U master U disk boot disk creation tools The score: 8

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Software introduction

U master U disk boot disk creation tools is a simple operation, that is, to beautify the interface under the U disk boot production tools, truly a key to download, install, installed a convenient, easy as long as the key, the computer will be able to return to the best state, the city installed computers and maintenance personnel, more professional, efficient, individual users, more simple, more secure. It integrates GHOST system backup / repair, disk partition, reinstall the memory test system and maintenance function, support U disk, a variety of models, suitable for all kinds of system.

Master U features:

It has the advantages of simple operation, a key to making almost 100% support U disk boot disk as a key to all.
The function of making it a powerful support tool GHO, ISO file system, support the original system installation.
It supports the new motherboard compatibility with the notebook, multiple versions of PE for Choice .

Convenient function
A key to production, convenient and quick
The operation is simple, does not require any technical basis, automatically completed!
Support U disk production
Nearly 30 kinds of brand U disk through the test, including Kingston Adata, GEIL, Apacer, etc..
A dual-use, easy to carry
Usually when the use of U disk, when needed, is a good helper computer emergency repair disk!
Read and write speed, security and stability
U disk read and write up to 50 thousand times the number of USB2.0 high-speed transmission, the whole process less than 10 minutes.

The main steps:

The first step: the production of software and hardware of U disk boot disk preparation.
The second step: U master U disk boot disk creation tools for making U disk boot.
The third step: to copy the required GHO file system to start the U disk.
The fourth step: BIOS U disk boot sequence settings.
The fifth step: start the fast installation of the system using U disk.

Update log:

U master U disk boot disk creation tools v2.0.0:
1, the new U disc system Installed the necessary The software package, to facilitate users to quickly install the required software installed;
2, the new unique "U disk boot disk cloning tools, can quickly be made into other U disk boot disk;

Software screenshot

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The second floor Jiangsu Taizhou Taizhou College of Nanjing Normal University guest users Published: 2016/11/18 18:02:48
Excellent。 The system is very pure

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The first floor of the European 137844.xyz guest users Published: 2016/3/19 19:32:04

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