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Rad studio xe10 registration method with crack machine Delphi xe10 patch download | Rad studio xe10 ri The score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: RADStudio Delphi

Delphi xe10 patch is RAD Studio XE10 Seattle RI, can help users get the serial number, the use of the software to break the authority, concrete crack method please refer to the following graphic tutorials.

Crack method

First, the site download Delphic 10 files. Then extract, find the "RAD10SeattleKg_Unis" folder under the "RAD10SeattleKg_Unis.exe" double click to open. The following diagram:

 Delphi xe10 patch

Open the registration after the machine interface is as follows, first click the "Grnerate Serial Number". The production sequence number. The following diagram.

 Delphi xe10 patch

Then click on "Grnerate Activation File", the license file is saved to the computer. Any position, small files are stored in the table full. The following diagram:

 Delphi xe10 patch

After the success of preservation at the click of "Patch Setup.exe process" registered machine interface will display the file path to crack down, can be successful as shown in Figure 2:

 Delphi xe10 patch

And then go back to the installation interface. Click on the "I have a third is selected for calid file" and click on "Next"

The next will pop up as the interface, click on the right side of the second line ". Import.."

Then load the saved desktop license file, as shown below

 Delphi xe10 patch

Then click on the OK interface, to continue the installation. Then the installation tips have been installed. The installation process is very long. Is the basic On trial The default directly to the next step.

About half an hour after the software is installed to the following interface. The interface of two functions Choice The box is cancelled, then click on Fish". It will automatically jump out of the installation interface, follow the prompts to continue installation.

Then select the "English". Click "OK" to continue to follow the prompts to install.

And then until the installation is complete

Finally return to the register page. Click the last item "Apply patch for RAD" to complete the activation. The following diagram.

 Delphi xe10 patch

Decompression password: www.137844.xyz

Software screenshot

Download address

Click the error Unable to download software download or not available, please click on the error, thank you!

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