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Mobile Games introduction

All this land The latest version of the official client upgrade A version of the 3D, take you into a hitherto unknown multiplayer geopolitical game in the world, in the game you can develop country, freedom of the Quartet, and even dominate the world, the game of war height was reduced, whether it is territorial, resources, strategy is a game player needs to be considered, and also in here and the global game player for resources to snatch expedition together.

All this land Raiders novice skills

The secret war

As long as you set out with a piece of territory can be linked to, do not need to have been even from the city to the target.

When the expedition army is red "dangerous" when prompted, if no confidence please don't use the force of war forced. Otherwise it will stand out and lay back.

 All this land Mobile Games

The secret of resource acquisition

The occupation of more senior land is the most effective way to obtain long-term resources.

This period can be achieved by "task", "teaching Yanwu" clearance rapid access to resources.

Send free troops for garrison resources can be obtained, the higher the level of land, farming income is high.

Secret facilities

Novice task reward is very rich. Please follow the task of building facilities, try not to mess out of the task, to avoid the shortage of resources.

The game is currently up to 2 free build queue, for the two facilities built at the same time. You can also consume coins to increase the queue queue, but only for a construction effectively.

The secret army configuration

The allocation of army generals need to pay attention to whether can effectively attack enemy attack range, otherwise it will greatly weaken the strength of the troops. (range: the generals of the general attack only to attack targets within the effective distance. If the two sides have 3 generals of war, our enemy and forward forward distance is 1, our army and the enemy in front of the distance is 2, and the enemy camp generals attack distance is 4)

The configuration of Cost and the generals cannot be greater than the forces of Cost limit, by upgrading the castellan mansion to advance force's limit of Cost.

The army camp location must configure the camp, otherwise the army can not send.

The secret battle

As long as the battle camp (0 wounded troops) the troops will be defeated, so the need for camp conscription, to improve the survival ability.

After fighting 8 round draw, the troops will enter the "battle" state, need to wait until after 5 minutes again with the enemy battle. (state ps: battle, the troops will not restore strength, can take the opportunity to send second troops in one fell swoop down)

I ride g step, step Kegong, bow grams ride. Such as: infantry attack cavalry, the damage will decline, and so on.

To learn more military tactics, can greatly enhance the strength of the troops to. By dismantling the generals card tactics, but also get attention: dismantling tactics need to consume the specified generals card to study learning.

All this land Mobile Games combat rules

The battle is to Round The form of battle as the main unit for the army generals, generals, each round of each action in turn according to the speed.

Victory: when the power of the enemy army generals judge position on camp 0, determined to win.

Failure judgment: when the generals force troops camp on the position of 0, determined to defeat;

A judgment: a single battle will last up to 8 rounds, if 8 rounds in combat troops will end neither in victory nor defeat, then place into the "battle" state, 5 minutes after the fight again.

Update log

V1.5.1 update:


- prepare for registration area > S2/S3 season adjustment:

If at the same time a large number of entries, there will be a forecast of the countdown, countdown to the end will be places were randomly assigned, did not get the role of places will not deduct Yufuhe

If after successful registration, cancellation of registration in the registration before the end position recovered automatically by the system, no longer released

[function] optimization

- grade copycat to enhance the effect of triggering the world trend is completed after the existing map of the copycat will not disappear

- optimize personal interface function when the City Corps build queue display

This season can still use non - state ash second season during third season > generals interface

- remove stray interface settings button to display the relationship between the army juyee

Optimization of Wu Xun and Honor currency placement in marketplace interface

- be consumed when wandering in the optimization of prompt text

- display style icon award optimization

[BUG] repair

- fixed "savior" helper effect turn the wrong problem

Mobile Games.

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