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QQ s registered machine 2018 v1.35 Green Edition QQ s register | Download QQ s register 2018 The score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: QQ s register Fillmore

QQ trumpet Register 2018 Bulk registration tool, designed for QQ marketing and need a lot of QQ number of users to create simple, support automatic switching IP, more stable, welcome everyone to download experience in green network resources.

Software description

Do QQ marketing friends need a large number of small, will bring you the QQ trumpet RI, small simple operation, can batch registration QQ number, QQ number of batch applications need friends to download it quickly.

This software is a registered QQ by sending text messages, receive text messages is not registered, please distinguish.

 QQ s register


1, without registration code, do not need to change IP, can improve the efficiency of multi drive.

2, due to send text messages through the registration, so unable to set the security of user information etc..

3, if you are using the developer platform, if you do not need to register successfully recorded in the software, please remove the channel 2 hook, you can skip the local receiving registration messages. Because get registration successful return messages need to wait for a moment, a waste of time. The content of the message returned successfully registered (QQ and password), in the platform of SMS records export data []. (not hook channel 2, let the software have been registered over again to send text messages, message platform record extraction QQ account and password. The machine can be more efficiency)

4, if a large number of QQ account password error, please contact customer service, I only use the software access platform, realize the automatic text registration QQ.

Chargeback description:

1. Developer Platform : each sent successfully registered a QQ platform, buckle fee of 0.25 yuan (the only successful chargeback, ultimately to the platform.).

2. code to send text messages: no deductions, get to the QQ account to SMS fee, 0.35 yuan each.

3. praise Philharmonic : send 0.01 yuan, 0.2 yuan to obtain QQ account SMS (there may be no access to the QQ account to send text messages, send text messages only buckle costs 0.01 yuan).

Decompression password: www.137844.xyz

Software screenshot

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