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As you live (UUSee) the latest version of v8.14.624.1 As you live | official download As you live (UUSee) The score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: UUSee uusee Live TV

UUSee UUSee Network TV Is a free Video player , with massive video resources, comprehensive coverage of television dramas, movies, animation, high-definition playback watch free, ad free offline cache, welcome to download the green resources!

UUSee uusee official introduction:

As you live is uusee's organization has the world's leading sports information copyright resources, covering 88000 / year in international competitions, including the Olympic Games, FIFA World Cup NBA, Europe's top five leagues of hundreds of Football League, as well as F1, golf, Tennis International events, to provide high quality sports real-time and historical data, text, audio and video, games and other products and services. With leading sports information copyright resources and professional services, and CCTV sports channel, China network television , China Mobile Chinese, Unicom, China Telecom,,,, NetEase and other institutions to establish a long-term cooperation, not only won the recognition of many partners, also brought a comprehensive, professional, fast sports information service for the user.

As you live features

The built-in video Browser

With program library program Choice Function, convenient for program.

The picture of Navigation

Select the program more intuitive, more close to the era of user habits.

With the service experience

Analysis of real-time data broadcast events; events firsthand picture news.

Lantern: on-demand selection recommendation highlights real-time broadcast, live.

The world's exclusive micro video providers

The user can use of fragmented time, enjoy Small video Bring the fun.

Update log

The 1. event center channel, together with various live events and playback;

2. as you experience the cloud plan, intelligent optimization performance, enhance the viewing experience;

3. more abundant and comprehensive sports video, pictures and information content;

4. users online interactive sharing, custom personalized reminder.

Software screenshot

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First, Hunan Xiangtan Unicom users guests Published: 2016/8/21 18:54:40
Often no time to watch the live broadcast, this software can look back, very practical!

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