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BM V1.1.0 version of the Android home early BM early app download | BM early childhood home The score: 8

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Software introduction

BM app Is a professional development learning platform, provides a rich curriculum, from diet to early childhood learning comprehensive coverage, support online, science The development way for children to help the healthy growth of children, welcome to download the green resources!

BM mobile phone version of the early childhood home

We established a composed of Pediatrics, nutrition, psychology, child care, early education and other professional research team, focusing on advanced education methods at the age of 0-6, to establish its own knowledge system and the massive video content library, provide scientific, systematic and professional education for parents to provide a relaxed, focus on the development of every 0-6 years old baby early education and every day is not heavy like.

 BM early childhood home

BM app function

To provide comprehensive solutions to 0-6 years of family education for parents.

Compulsory system arrangement, regular updates, follow the guidance of experts, the real development at home.

According to the age and interest point elaborate fancy Parenting Let the baby list, professional and fun.

The old aunt, can easily follow the second child.

If only 10 minutes and children together, also can play the game whenever and wherever possible.

To update the content

1. community function optimization, enhance the user experience, click Head portrait To view the knowledge home, the new topic function;

2. details of course revision, content display more clearly;

3. my new collection function, the content of love.

Developer: Shenzhen City monster planet Technology Co. Ltd.

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