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The Ali Wangwang 2017 version of ads to v2.0.0.1 version of the green free Ali Wangwang pure download | Ali Wangwang 2017 version of ads to The score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: Ali Wangwang

Ali Wangwang Pure version Is a Ali Wangwang ad version, perfect ad to upgrade Version, and remove the home recommended plate, pure and fresh version, no advertising, no annoying update, love to download experience ~.

Crack description:

Remove the official version of the chat box, main interface and pop ads, more relaxed, more save system resources;

Green, after decompression can be directly run.

Software description:

Ali Wangwang is on Shopping The shop, the necessary communication software, convenient for buyers and sellers in the transaction process in real time communication. Can text chat, voice chat, video chat, file transfer, send offline files etc.. With it, even if the user has zero distance and can block the trials of a long journey sellers exchange baby details, enjoy the "bargain"!


1. Taobao account login, support Multi point Login with PC Wangwang online at the same time.

2. can send and receive text, voice, pictures, and rich expression.

3. Taobao smart baby baby link conversion display name, picture and price, to facilitate business communication.

The 4. phrase quick reply function.

5. want group and multi group chat function.

6. anonymous sharing community - tinkling se.

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