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The Yangtze River gold online trading software v11.50 official version Changjiang Securities Trading Gold Edition Download | The Yangtze River gold online trading software The score: 8

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The Yangtze River gold online trading system The Access to the letter Online trading system, the software market, information integration. Provide free switch interface, a variety of landing mode, convenient operation, powerful and complete, will bring a new experience for you, is a professional trader The commonly used tools, so you can in the market changing process, one step ahead, seize the initiative. The warrant lightning hand and Level2 high-speed market need to contact the sales department to buy opening. Welcome to download!

gold Changjiang Securities The transaction function version

1, warrant lightning: referred to as the warrant for fast flash, warrant transactions, using the integrated interface, set prices, authorization, cancellation, query multiple functions in the same interface, and can be set in advance and automatically refresh the elements of the transaction commission, transactions and positions, market value and profit and loss information, greatly improve your the speed of operation; while providing in the day time chart marked signs to facilitate the cancellation. (hand lightning in the business department to open warrants)

 The Yangtze River gold online trading software

2, Level2 high-speed market: The system supports a new generation of SSE Level2 market. The market has more abundant information and faster speed compared with the traditional market, with the sale of ten file information to replace the original five market, with the sale of total Commission data, transaction data and more market transaction Statistics Data. The speed of the market, 6-10 seconds faster than the traditional market, so you can get ahead in the count every minute and second stock market. (the price paid for the market, customers can purchase through sales agent)

3, delay Hong Kong stocks Quotation: The system provides the Hong Kong stock market time delay of 15 minutes. If customers buy and use the level2 market, the market control system provides the function of a and H shares.

Special note

MD5 Code: fb8e3de16833095b9cc951d0c221118f (Telecommunications)

MD5 Code: ebce263282f75ecd712af54ce0f93a6f (China Netcom)

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