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Three Kingdoms 13 Chinese cracked version simplified on the hard disk version Romance of the Three Kingdoms 13 download | 13 Chinese cracked version of the Three Kingdoms The score: 8

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The game is introduced

Three Kingdoms 13 It should be very famous in a strategy game, produced and distributed by Koei, tells the story of the Three Kingdoms period in ancient Chinese. Have to say Japanese made three game than Chinese okay, really is a satire, but the quality of the game is very high. Xiao Bian here specially to bring you a Chinese cracked version, the integration of modifications, enhancements, and 6 DLC. Love the buddy come green resource network to download it!

The game is introduced:

Chinese: Romance of the Three Kingdoms Thirteen

English Name: Sangokushi 13


The release of the game: KOEI TECMO

Game language: traditional Chinese / multi language

Game capacity: 5.5G

Game platform: PC

Type of game strategy

Official website:

Release date: 2016.01.28

Group GBT game version and installation instructions:

The PC official version of the standard of repression, integration of the 6 DLC.

Other accessories with modifications, enhancements, guide map.

- including all animation, Audio Lossless, reserved installation disk space above 7G.

In the integration of the 3DM patch.

Please update the latest driver, Directx and related components in the pre game, support Vista/win7 system.

Another game [] finished file may be false positives, game player before installing itself off soft kill or join the trust area, please pay attention to.


Note: the integrity of the CHECKSUM.md5 file open can download files with text proofreading.


The game has integrated the following DLCs:

RTK13 - Additional Officer Data - Legendary Officers Set Design Institute, additional generals generals into the ancient center of fries

RTK13 - Additional - BGM "RTK12" Set BGM 12 "Three Kingdoms" added into the center of fries

RTK13 - Mitsuteru Yokoyama's "Sangokushi" tie-up Officer CG "Zh UG E Liang "Yokoyama Hikaruki" Three Kingdoms ", and few generals CG Institute fries" Zhu Geliang "

RTK13 - Additional Scenario - "Battle of Chibi", "Chibi will append nano leak of live":

RTK13 - Additional Scenario - Campaign against Lu Bu "and her" Lv Bu. Additional nano Crusade war "

RTK13 - Additional Scenario - "Thirteen Heroes", her "hero. Adding nano thirteen"

Game configuration:

Minimum configuration

System: WIN Vista/7/8/8.1/10

CPU:Intel Pentium4 1.6GHz

Memory: 1 GB

Hard drive: 7 GB

Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 8400GS / ATI Radeon / Intel HD 4670 HD Graphics 4000

DX:DirectX 9.0c

Game description:

"Three Kingdoms 13" will maximize the number three operational generals (all generals), warlords melee. Combat including surface combat, outdoors The battle and siege warfare and competitive generals and so on, the most magnificent picture series ride Dangxian will appear in the "Three Kingdoms" in 13. At the same time the production team will use the 3D screen real Chinese ancient city structure, city landscape refinement, enhance the game player into a sense of reality!

Game screenshots:

 Three Kingdoms 13

 Three Kingdoms 13

 Three Kingdoms 13

 Three Kingdoms 13

 Three Kingdoms 13


Download address

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