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The 2019 horsemen of the latest version of v7.2.6 assistant official version of Android Knight assistant general download | The latest version of the 2019 Knight assistant The users score: 8

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Mobile phone Knight assistant 2019 crack Game box Is a Mobile game Lovers to create the game platform, here you can see the most complete rich game resources, there are many games such as your experience, all kinds of game packs are everything, is the application of Mobile Games lovers can not miss the.

The knight assistant

Knight thought assistant services for the purpose of game player, dedicated to heat Love game Provide first hand at home and abroad boutique mobile phone game game player, whether it is cracked version of single or a modified version of mobile phone online games or new express, Knight assistant will continue to improve, always walk in the forefront of boutique game, only the love of the game for you The most fun game .

 Mobile phone assistant Knight

Mobile phone Knight assistant features

1, wait for you to take the game packs;

2, the game circle: here is not only the most fun games, and most funny than the comments, the joy of the game circle;

3, WeChat The Red Knight can automatically Grab: open the assistant, automatic grab envelopes, no longer have to worry about missing the red;

4, the big game: containing packet key to download and install the game, game player to download the installation package from the trouble;

5 games: wireless gold purchase cracked version, free Google games, various modifications cracked version, to meet your different needs.

knight iphone Highlights

Share the wonderful games for you

[game] circle a new line, looking for a good game, communication skills, the game finished crack in the end!

metamorphosis Online games, auxiliary accelerating everything

Private custom acceleration auxiliary, abnormal version, in the super way, knight with you!

WeChat red Automatic grab

Play the game also can automatically grab the red envelope, urine, no longer worry about missing millions!

Share benefits small lift

Exclusive packs, welfare privileges, new activation code, God class equipment, at any time for you to send sugar knight!

Update log

V7.2.6 update:

1. new night time, earn gold hi

The 2. gold disc, high rate Awards

3. optimize some details and fix some known B UG

V7.2.4 update:

1. new tasks are system, easy cash second arrival;

The 2. gold disc, good luck to burst;

3. optimize some details and fix some known bug.

V7.1.9 update:

1. new game packs (playing the game is cool);

2. perfect personal center, make gold exchange gifts;

3. new games, information, evaluation;

4. new version, online version of accelerated metamorphosis;

5. new video, happy moment (full of love);

6. repair WeChat grab envelopes, and all versions of WeChat compatible mobile phone (no leakage);

7. new game circle (movies, fun games, jokes, beauty here).

Mobile Games.

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