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China Mobile campus CMCC-EDU client landers PC Green Edition CMCC edu client download | China Mobile campus CMCC-EDU landers The score: 8

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Software introduction

CMCC edu client is designed for college students to create your wireless WiFi landers, I believe many small partners will be on campus to carry a notebook everywhere, but because of the limitation of WiFi laptop is very uncomfortable, CMCC edu completely solve this problem, welcome to download.

CMCC edu introduction:

Yesterday came to Xi'an University, found that CMCC-EDU wireless network coverage, a laptop connected to the signal is full, but do not have access to the internet. As long as the Internet will pop up a username and password ". It seems not to spend money, so immediately call 10086 to consult, also immediately opened a 40 yuan package, also know that cmcc-edu is only a mobile in the wireless network, but not free, is to spend money. Success cannot close the page access network, a closed QQ immediately dropped, always feel very convenient, online search under the CMCC-EDU client login software, the results are not to say, in order to facilitate the use of it to do a "embedded software, not a little technical content, closed or minimize will display in the system tray, not every accidentally closed Browser To the internet. If there is the friend of this network can be used to look, I feel a little bit or convenient.

CMCC-EDU do not appear after the connection of the landing page?

The 1. connection CMCC-EDU, right click on the lower right corner of the network icon, click to open network and Sharing Center

 CMCC edu client

2. click WLAN in the WLAN state

 CMCC edu landers China Mobile The campus CMCC edu client "style=" width: 492px; height: 275px; "/ >

3. click on properties

 The campus CMCC edu landers

4. check the Internet version of the 4 protocol and Internet protocol version 6

 China Mobile campus CMCC edu landers

5. check automatically obtain IP address and automatically obtain DNS server address, click OK

 CMCC edu client

6. disconnect and reconnect, CMCC-EDU will automatically pop up a login page.

 China Mobile CMCC edu client

CMCC edu client instructions:

This software is in. NET under development, if you can not open, please install. The framework of NET, thank you

Software screenshot

Download address

Click the error Unable to download software download or not available, please click on the error, thank you!

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