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Xiaogang CAD antivirus V2.3.0.0 Green Free Edition Xiaogang CAD antivirus software download Xiaogang CAD antivirus User ratings: 8

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Software introduction

Xiaogang CAD antivirus It is an intelligent anti-virus tool specially designed for CAD users. CAD is commonly used by design engineers. There are many different versions of the software, and viruses will also be downloaded online. Anti-virus software Simple and practical, users need to download the green resource web.

Xiaogang CAD antivirus software:

Xiaogang CAD antivirus software is a anti-virus tool developed for CAD software virus, which can be automatically used by users. scanning All CAD related procedures and automatic clearance, and return to your green and safe CAD software!

 Xiaogang CAD antivirus

Xiaogang AutoCAD Virus cleanup function:

1, open and click Scan to automatically scan.

2, click stop to stop scanning.

Software update:

1. no registration is free.

2. new antivirus core.

3. repaired n b UG

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