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360 file version of the v1.0.0.1003 version of a single file independent restorer The official 360 file download | restorer 360 independent version of file restorer The score: 8

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Software introduction

Three hundred and sixty File recovery Device independent version of single file Better able to achieve file recovery operation, users can often appear some phenomenon of deleted data, but there is also a mistake to uninstall the software, you can through the software to achieve a key recovery!

The official introduction

360 security guards Presumably the computer Yohyo nine out of ten are installed.

This file is in the original 360 restorer Security guards The component function Daquan

A master from the security guards stripped out

It can help you quickly recover accidentally deleted files from hard disk, U disk, SD card disk device

But because it is stripped. Version does not produce any junk files, do not shut down after the resident memory resources

It is big Oh, love friends quickly download.

If you have already installed 360

If you have already installed the Kazakhstan 360 security guards It can not download this version, file recovery is a component of 360.

1, open the main interface 360. On the left there is a point on the edge of the more function daquan.

2, if not add it without adding functionality inside a file recovery, click on the OK. Will automatically download and install.

After the download is complete in function has been added in a file recovery.

Green Resources Network Xiaobian strongly push the file recovery tool, website of other so-called free recovery software, crack version is all false. 360 this recovery software is the free version of the real.

Software screenshot

Download address

Click the error Unable to download software download or not available, please click on the error, thank you!

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