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Online shopping mall v7.0.12 version of Android Jingdong Jingdong app download | mall Jingdong online shopping mall The score: 8

  • Software size: 99.0M
  • Software language: Chinese
  • Software type: domestic software
  • Software Categories: free software / mobile phone shopping
  • Update: 2018-07-30
  • Software level: 4
  • The official website: Http://
  • Operating environment: Android
  • Software vendors: JD.COM

Software size: 99.0M

top Comments: 50% One
step on Bad review: 50 A step

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Software introduction

Software label: buy JD.COM App mall

JD.COM App mall yes buy The mobile phone client, a very good use of the mobile phone shopping software. There is rich in goods, 100% authentic, there are a variety of promotions, allowing users to buy the most affordable goods, delivery speed is also very fast. Quickly download experience!

Jingdong official mall

Jingdong is a comprehensive online shopping platform, the largest China genuine licensed machine printed invoices, Customer service Pick-up, money and worry. The category of goods covered appliances, digital communication, computer Home Furnishing, department stores, clothing, baby, books, food and other 12 categories of tens of thousands of brands over one million kinds of high-quality goods, is the online shopping users preferred

Jingdong Android version is based on a shopping network software Android platform, not only has the orders, check orders, search commodity, sun, product evaluation and other common functions, also realizes the mobile phone version of the unique "bar code", "purchase voice recharge", "logistics tracking", "a single photograph the sun" and other features

It is said that, in establishing the scheme, 4A drew a lot of Jingdong looking for solutions, but the Jingdong old Liu against all the odds, choose a dog as a Jingdong and the LOGO. Choice Also let the market Jingdong, sales, public relations staff quite old too unique aesthetic.

It is said that two dog LOGO scheme to the Jingdong is a Jingdong in China Liu School of business A classmate, Liu to the hundreds of thousands of students as a reward, then the central students made a work.

It is said that in three, see the dog program, looking for fortune telling a Jingdong Liu Gua, fortune teller said, "the dog can press the cat", after, Liu exultation. Tmall Do the dog ah.

At home, millions of goods as you choose. Hot promotions every day, stop to enjoy the discount.

Support for voice search, voice recharge, bar code shopping, free your hands, say goodbye to cumbersome operation.

Goods three day delivery orders, full real-time tracking, everything under control.

Support Jingdong ious shopping, can enjoy the first consumer, after the payment of a new shopping experience ". More flexible installment payment options, the longest can be divided into 24 stages, enjoy the super low rates.

Support Scan code to pay The client, through the Jingdong" Scan "Function, scanning Jingdong orders or two-dimensional code barcode after the jump to the payment page for payment. You can use the quick payment, IOUs, coffers etc..

buy Is a famous online shopping center.
The user can buy high quality and inexpensive goods at the top, but do not have to endure crowded out
Just use your fingers in the mobile phone according to a few OK

The main function of Jingdong app mall

1. search goods, orders, check orders, product evaluation, sun single etc.;
2.: you can go to parity Carrefour WAL-MART, Gome Suning, any supermarket or chain store, only need to press the button to achieve the commodity bar code and Jingdong store parity. Make your shopping more money!
3. features: share photos, easy purchase, voice purchase, palm seckill, group purchase, mobile phone recharge.

Update log

V5.5.0 update:

This period [update]

1 new: new red envelopes to send, enjoy 188 yuan red envelope

2: new hypermarkets seckill seckill notice, early to know more surprises

3, the Jingdong broadcast: the new VR video, take you to experience the 3D effect

4, order trajectory Optimization: package to where? Delivery time position at

5, shop member: special offer exclusive membership and gradually open the shop,

The recent update []

1, the whole point of the red rain: hundreds of millions of millions of cash coupons, God

2 super day: the whole category, seckill seckill Carnival

3, Jingdong live show: Star delivery, share the joy of surprise

4, return the worry: guaranteed return, freight compensation

5, Beijing Zhunda: accurate delivery, delivery time as you choose

Developer: Beijing three hundred six hundred degrees Agel Ecommerce Ltd Jingdong

Software screenshot

Download address

Online shopping mall v7.0.12 version of Android Jingdong

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