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Huatai Securities online trading professional edition 2 v5.52 the latest version of the official Huatai Securities professional edition two download | Huatai Securities online trading professional edition 2 The score: 8

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Software introduction

Huatai Securities Online trading system Professional Edition 2 Is the second generation of the securities trading system launched by Huatai Securities official. The more powerful, the latest market, most of the information, let the user the first time to grasp the market dynamics; and intelligent stock transactions more quickly. Come to the Green Resources Network Download experience!

 Huatai Securities Professional Edition ll

The professional version of Huatai Securities online trading system 2 characteristics

A master, preferably, the fastest growing market

"Huatai Securities (Professional Edition II)" has a lot of market station in the country, the "preferred Master" function, the user can choose the client to the server now master the optimal status. The user can according to their own region, the speed of the Internet, the current market master busy degree of freedom Choice The main market speed faster, makes the operation more smoothly.

Two, comprehensive information, diversity

"Huatai Securities (Professional Edition II)" is a powerful information platform can provide text, hypertext for investors (HTML), information, financial information, mine emergency notice, the rolling and other forms of information, can also provide a variety of information products (such as Hong Kong and Macao information, Great wisdom Information, etc.) can closely link with Huatai Securities website, Huatai Securities Network provide a variety of information to the user. The stock exchange and information, news and other information are preprocessed, allowing you to easily browse, search. Closely combined with information rich information and stock market movements, the user can conveniently and timely and fully enjoy the full range of information services of Huatai securities.

Three, the index is rich, I made me

"Huatai Securities (Professional Edition II)" preset nearly two hundred classic technical indicators, and in order to meet the advanced needs of users, also provides the index, Formula editor That is, to write and modify various formulas, stock index, and early warning conditions.

Four, page combination, comprehensive observation

"Huatai Securities (Professional Edition II)" provides a combination of pages a lot of information, the quotes, charts, technical analysis and financial data of organic combination, allowing you to multi angle and all-round observation, analysis, capture the best timing of trades.

Five, financial icon at a glance

"Huatai Securities (Professional Edition II)" will be a variety of complex financial data through graphical and tabular form, so that the operating performance of listed companies is clearly demonstrated in front of you. And you can do all kinds of between listed companies and between the comparison and calculation, but also with rich descriptions, so no previous experience in financial analysis of investors easily grasp this new powerful tool.

Six, smart stock picking, a significant skill

"Huatai Securities (Professional Edition II)" easy to use "smart stock", the user need only in selected conditions in front of the tick can easily stock. There are "stock platform", allowing you to use more than 100 stock and all conditions of the 200 technical indicators, easy preparation of all stock combination conditions. You need to select stocks in the more than 1000 stocks.

Seven, interval Statistics Panoramic view.

In the K can change amplitude, turnover, Toury statistical interval, can help you quickly calculate a stock of the data in a period of time. But also provide tables of statistics, so that a period of time in the data sorting, comparison between different stocks.

Eight, personal finance, relaxed

Here you can easily to your financial situation and make statistical analysis to easily grasp your current total stock positions, each cost of equity fund proportion, the history of each transaction profit, total profit and loss account, stock funds changes of personal financial information.

Huatai Securities Professional Edition 2

1, support IP echo, which reveals the last customer login when customers log on the IP address, MAC address, the last login time and log version.

2, support account binding and dynamic password authentication, effectively protect the safety of customer accounts.

3, support the gem, stock index futures, commodity futures market revealed.

4, support server reveal the reservation information, a move to prevent the customer login to Huatai Securities entrusted master counterfeiting, customers can advance at Huatai Securities principal server reservation information.

5, "the purchase of new shares" special function, to accurately calculate the funds to purchase new shares.

6, modify customer information, including customer telephone number, fax number, email address, and postal encoding.

7, including the provision of "open page client" and "mobile phone stocks" and "new business applications" function, and provides the open-end fund account function.

8, open the safe passage of online transactions and the website system, customers can use directly commissioned by the client website "online business hall", "distinguished customer service" and "management" and "risk assessment" and other features, without the need for a "two + password authentication service transaction password".

The transaction push function 9, perfect, and commissioned after the transaction, the customer does not need to manually refresh can be real-time changes in available funds and shares, and may entrust and turnover in the market on the map display instant, convenient customer trading directly in the market charts or cancellation.

10, the sale price and the number of lock function lock function, the convenience of customers fast sale.

11, for customers to use weak passwords and weak communication transaction password for a prompt and restrict.

12, to support OTC

13, Hong Kong stocks through business support


Login interface

 Huatai Securities online trading professional edition 2

"Huatai Securities (Professional Edition II)" program interface as shown below, by the title bar, menu bar, toolbar, the main window, index and information bar.

Update log

1. support account binding and dynamic password authentication, effectively protect the safety of customer accounts

2. support IP echo, customer login prompt the customer login IP address, MAC address, the last login time and log version

3. other features


Software screenshot

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