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Baidu mobile phone assistant PC client v6.8 the latest version of the official Baidu mobile phone assistant computer version of the official download | Baidu mobile phone PC client assistant The score: 8

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Software introduction

Baidu iphone The computer version 2017 Has been officially renamed 91 assistant That is running on the Android mobile phone management application platform PC. Mobile phone connected to the computer through a data line, quickly download the necessary applications and games, but also to accelerate the management of mobile phone, mobile phone, optimization. Quickly download experience!

Baidu mobile phone assistant PC version introduction

Baidu mobile phone assistant PC version is a Android Mobile phone management software By Baidu, a formal application upgrade A. Installation package is compact and convenient, all together, a touch, is the authoritative resource platform of Android mobile phone, have the best and most comprehensive application and game resources to help you in the vast resources in precise search, High speed download Easy management.

Baidu mobile phone assistant computer version features

1. the new vision, global evolution

The ultimate intimate streamline, no bother, to create a professional pure mobile phone management tool

2. speed optimization, just like new

Thousands of times the limit algorithm debugging, you also like the new machine clean light

3. management of mobile phone, all to you

The connection speed, directly receive SMS with mobile phone computer backup, easy file transfer

The 4. time you enjoy, mobile

Video graphic resources, gather your Almighty transcoding, non-stop enjoyment

5. resources

Boutique genuine application, popular limited free games, wonderful video graphic

 Baidu mobile phone assistant computer version

Baidu mobile phone assistant

Massive resources: free access to hundreds of thousands of apps and games, at the same time with the most powerful search application and authentication system, obtain the good resources of the one and only.

Provincial Traffic: update the domestic leading technology, supports all popular applications, greatly reduce the update traffic consumption, save up to 90% of the flow.

Fast PC connection: mobile phone, computer and computer connections regardless of management, mobile phone more convenient.

Mobile phone local resource management: intuitive and efficient management on mobile phone applications, pictures, video and music files, support the use of a key upgrade, a key to delete the file.

Precise voice search: the accuracy rate of up to 96%, without the need to manually enter.

High speed and stable high-speed download, Download: guaranteed service stability; HTTP, respond to all network conditions.

 Baidu mobile phone assistant computer download

Baidu mobile phone assistant computer version using the method

Convenient and quickly connected with your mobile phone you.
USB debug mode is a service provided by Android systems, only when opened in this mode only can manage the different types of mobile phone, mobile phone open is not the same, for details please see the following tutorial.
General method:
Android 2.1, 3.2 [] [] Set - Application - [] - tick development [USB] debugging
Android 4, 4.1 [settings] - [option] - developers check [USB] debugging
Android more than 4.2 [settings] - [about] mobile phone - press 7 times [] - returned version number Choice [developers] option -- check [USB] debugging

 Baidu mobile phone assistant computer version of the official download

Xiaobian feel

The card and the internal space management function
For example, root machine can manage system space and data space content
2. mobile phone video screenshot function
The installer 3.apk not directly click on the APK file to install
4. to install the default application on C, and the directory structure is very deep into D, simple directory structure
5. Download Manager download automatically after the installation is not new
The download manager should set up a configuration file according to the connection of the mobile phone, allowing users to enter a name for the mobile phone, a computer to a mobile phone. Things will not be chaos, each mobile phone with things may be different, you can add a whole package management function, and whether there is a download directory Baidu Cloud Together, not only download and automatically sync to the Baidu cloud. The download manager cannot update the application downloaded in the mobile phone connected to the case, should not take the case of a mobile phone, can make download programs up-to-date.
6. upgrade application
Some users do not want to upgrade, there should be a negligible function
7. mobile phone backup function
The backup of mobile phone mail list, SMS, application and application of data backup system (rooted), and even become the brush pack...

Software screenshot

Download address

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