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The thunder game box V2.2.23.0378 version of the official installation The thunder game box official download | The thunder game box The users score: 8

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The game is introduced

open Thunder Game box Optionally, the colorful game.
Open account, trumpet Managed and convenient gadget to help you a helping hand!
If you encounter this situation: at the same time in order to open a few small to download a number of different to Browser The game got stuck and met, this customer need to clear the browser cache when they don't know how to start, love &hellip interference while playing music but also bear the game sound; … and the thunder game box is such a you can solve all of the above trouble game assistant, easy to open the game, convenient management trumpet, A key repair Failure to provide full support for your game! Moreover, permanent free!


Small managed real-time notification, the trumpet into the game I can know

Multi account
Small management: allows the game player to use another account login server in a game only to open a game box case.
Trusteeship management: allows the game player can not inform the password, entrust a game server account access to the other party.
A key to open / close the box all the sounds of the game.
Repair the game
Can solve part of the game show abnormal or unable to open problems, including repair:
A) clear the cache
B Flash plug-in repair).
Click the tab on the right side of the inverted triangle, can open the gadget menu bar, including gadgets:
A) to create a desktop shortcut
B game) forum 
C) games recharge

The thunder game box updates

1. game update page load
Farewell to the black and white screen boring page is loaded, the thunder boy give you small fresh.
2. increase reconnection with function
With the network interrupt reconnection, game box automatic reconnection, dropped after the connection is not on the server is no longer embarrassed.
3. repair with spaces cannot bind BUG account account


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