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Haoqiao album assistant (space album crack artifact) V3.6 free version of the official Haoqiao album assistant software download | Haoqiao album assistant (space album crack artifact) The score: 8

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Software introduction

Haoqiao album assistant software is a powerful tool to crack the QQ space photo album. If you want to enter the space and view his encrypted album, you can use this software to quickly break the album password, his / her album secret spy! Simple operation, so that the special! Green Resources Network to remind everyone in this small series, this software is for entertainment use, please do not used for illegal purposes, after all, to respect and protect the privacy of others should comply with the!

Haoqiao album assistant for use:

1. first album download Haoqiao assistant;

2. open software, the input you want to watch the QQ number, then use the Browser The other open space. Look at the software inside the album information is consistent, if the quantity and quantity of the album is the same, the software can be used normally;

3. if you know some basic information can fill in the boxes below, such as some of the most basic Name, home, school, mobile phone number, if you do not know, can not fill in the above information, software can also check, for example, the other set, my mobile phone number, which you the best choose pure digital, this will greatly accelerate the speed of crack.

4. then click break album password, just wait for it, usually 5-20 minutes to break out, if each set of answers is very complicated, probably in about half an hour.

5. this software is not 100% effective, but most can be successful, if it is to break out, as long as the master password to find!


1. the software only for entertainment, do not for illegal business Use, otherwise, pay the consequences!

2. if the software download is not down, please Anti-virus software This software is easy to be closed, manslaughter!

3. this software to break the success rate reached 98% after 20 minutes, if still can not break, it really can not break!

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Software screenshot

Download address

Click the error Unable to download software download or not available, please click on the error, thank you!

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