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My name is Mt version of the v8.0.0.0 version of Android Baidu cool My name is Mt | cool version download My name is Mt Baidu cool version The score: 8

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Mobile Games introduction

The name is Mt. Baidu HD The card is a classic War game Everybody, this game is not strange, small as we bring the latest version of the game, a copy of the new boss and the world can challenge to the regiment and union were also optimized, as soon as possible to download the game and move it back to the fun

My name is Baidu MT version introduction

My name is "MT Online" according to the famous anime adaptation of "my name is MT", the game uses a classic way to fight card, to restore the character in the cartoon characters and funny pies, but at the same time " World of Warcraft "The classic copy in a unique way to show. Whether or not you are a world of Warcraft game player? Whether or not AFK? Can be here with your friends fight together under the copy, Ai Ze Lars hands to experience the world in a new way!

 My name is Mt version of Baidu

My name is Mt cool version features

Copy * classic reproduction, automatic battle mode.

This classic occupation a lot, set up your own combat team.

* and friends together, jointly set up a strong team.

Fine. Beauty The picture of the game, perfect "my name is MT" the colorful character.

* every day to send prizes, a chance to get the "five card".

* hundreds of cards, rich collection system, as far as possible to meet the fans of MT's desire to collect.

This rich card evolution and development system.

The real user evaluation

I feel very good. Traffic charges less. The volume is not large. very Naiwan . Usually play this game fun. I love this game. I hope that this game can be a dull orange. I believe there are a lot of compatriots hope like me. The team hopes to continue!

Is a fun game, not too troublesome, little memory, charge flow is also less, but occasionally some B UG , but are of no great importance, but does not belong to the RMB game player is king of the game, the screen is also very beautiful

This game is very good, just need time to play equipment, hope everybody can try to play, accompany me two years, what are needless to say, I will continue to play, very fun

Update log

V8.0.0.0 update:

1. red card to break open system, the quality of gold debut.

2. new 1 - Lili panda card awakening.

3. new orange - Autumn (the awakening).

4. New 7 red rings, 7 red weapons.

5. new 2 red shoulder, 2 red cloak.

6. New Business German store.

7. open 101-110 storey spire.

8. new homes stable system.

9. battle related optimization community.

The 10. Research Institute of new 4 awakening hero culture.

11. added a series of achievements.

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