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Software introduction

Software label: A key ghost Ghost

Onekey Ghost Hard disk version Is an easy-to-use system backup and restore tool. The characteristics of software is the biggest fool operation, a key backup and restore system, Iniesta reduction system tool. Quickly download experience!

Onekey Ghost introduce

A GHOST is "the first 4 versions of the DOS" (hard disk version / CD / USB / floppy disk version version) released simultaneously, to the various needs of users, not only can be used independently, and can cooperate with each other. The main features include: a key backup system, a key recovery system, Chinese wizard, GHOST, DOS Hold-all . A key GHOST, intelligent GHOST, simply press a button, you can achieve automatic unattended operation, let you cool in the end!

A key ghost disk version features

The 1. version is especially suitable for no floppy / no CD-ROM / USB interface / unattended desktop / Laptop / server.

The 2.GHOST kernel 11.2/11.5 and IDE/SATA interface hard disk partition format switch, automatic recognition of FAT/NTFS.

3. / volume support compression and GHOST auxiliary parameters to meet the custom, CD and RAID and other special needs.

4. new WIN7/WIN8/WIN10 support system, and the GRUB4DOS menu can guide the local Windows or ISO image.

5. does not destroy the original structure of the system, not to retain the BIOS and hard disk sector write any data, no division of the hidden partition.

6. quick installation, only 1-2 minutes; unloading completely, leaving no junk files, safe and pollution-free green.

7. even if the setup is accidentally deleted, CD / can also use the same version of USB version for recovery.

8.WINDOWS (mouse) / boot menu (arrow keys) / boot hotkey (K key) multiple start scheme by you Choice .

9. a key backup system to prevent deleted image processing, so that they cannot be deleted or virus malicious damage.

10. allows staff installed (/ network management Customer service ) by setting the limit function, only allow users to "recover" not allowed "backup".

11. friendly interface, full Chinese operation, without professional knowledge of English and computer.

Before the 12. dangerous operation tips, as clear as noonday ease of use.

13. with GHOST Browser That can open the GHO image, add / delete / extract file.

14. image import / export / move function for GHO image communication and multiple / system backup.

15. password setting function, let people share a computer case is not compromised by unauthorized users.

16. kinds of guide / memory / version mode, compatible with various types of computer, the software can also make special models start normally.

17. diagnostic report function can automatically collect the system information, provide clues for questions and software after improvement.

18. help document, illustrated, easy learning, online forum And online FAQ.

GHOST 19. supports a key backup / restore system to U disk or removable hard disk.

20. comes with a "personal file transfer tool, don't worry about the recovery system after the" desktop "and other documents are lost.

Update log

V2017.02.17 update:

Repair set limit mode immediately after the execution of BUG backup error recovery

Add hot start - > shutdown, restart the computer to solve a few problems when the crash

Add double click "pop-up" into a key recovery system "" Dialog box function

Change the "import" when the initial directory for the last partition root directory

Repair "import" error caused by image select Default deleted BUG

The increase of import / export / mobile tips failure

Setup and update support library

Update to the latest version of GRUB4DOS, to support individual motherboard

GRUB4DOS custom ISO options to increase 5

Update DiskGenius to 4.9.2

Update UMBPCI to 3.87

Update BOOTICE to 1.3.4

Update system Reduce weight Reference article (doshome.com/jf)

Software screenshot

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