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Our TV box v1.1.2.1 player version of the official installation Our TV box official download | Our TV box player The score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: Our TV box

Our The TV box player Is a video online watch client, mainly to provide the latest and most complete video resources for users, including movies, television, entertainment and so on, to watch the video more simple, green advertising Oh, love users come to green resources network to download it!

Our TV box features:

Our TV box with the low resource consumption, simple operation, more and more smooth, completely free features, make it become the online video software is currently the most popular!

 Our TV box player

Our video player box features:

1. accurate promos

Our film box provides accurate electronic program list, display all channels, and may at any time open and close the channel, the current program and hover show promos.

2. powerful video search

Our film box is integrated with the most advanced video search technology, search content can be accurate to frame, accurate positioning of the massive video content, want to see what to see what.

3. personalized channel management

Personalized channel management function of energy-saving box, which can automatically record 10 channel users favorite, and collection of their favorite channels, more can create their own personalized channel, watch, don't always look for trouble.

Play 4. mode

Our film box provides streamlined / standard / 4 / double full screen playback mode, the window size can be adjusted, the top playback mode, to avoid irrelevant operations on the watch.

5. high-definition video

Our TV box H.264 codec technology based on independent research and development, whether it is sports scene exciting, or eye-catching visual effects of picture playback can be clear and smooth.

6. heat content

Our TV box has rich TV drama copyright database, to provide various types of cool new hot content to the user, to meet the needs of different users.

7. fast recording

Our TV box provides fast recording of humanity for the user, according to the requirements of users, can instantly record current program, can also be regularly record your favorite programs, save worry.

Intelligent recommendation:

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