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Mango TV Apple mobile version v6.2.5 iPhone version Mango TV IOS version download Mango TV Apple mobile version User ratings: 8

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Mango TV Apple version It is a very popular mobile video app of Hunan satellite TV. It brings together a lot of program information, including entertainment variety, TV drama, movie blockbuster and many other video types. Let's download the experience of green resource web.

Introduction to mango TV IOS version

Mango TV mobile version app, Hunan satellite TV mango TV official app. Mango TV mobile version app, 24 hours of popular programs continuously broadcast, holidays, large-scale programs to provide 360 degree panoramic live broadcast, you want to watch the secret broadcast is here. Popular variety, the latest TV series, and all kinds of Hunan satellite TV's only broadcast content.

 Mango TV IOS Download

Mango TV iPhone version features

1, cool interface design, smooth and comfortable operation experience, absolutely. Necessary for installation

2. Video content is abundant. Movies, TV shows, animations, variety shows and sports are all there are.

3, the combination of traditional search, wonderful collection and ranking recommendation can easily find love films.

4, thousands of movies, tens of thousands of TV dramas, dozens of sets of real-time updates.

5. Add live broadcast channel to understand the version update and latest movie and TV trends.

Mango TV popular recommendation

"Warm love" looks at Zhai Tian Linjiang's interpretation of love temperature.

Unfortunately, it's not you. Fan Shiqi, song Yan Fei and Xiao Shunyao interpreted the love masochism spanning ten years.

The "magic dog" original police dog companion inspirational growth program. Yang Shuo, Sha Yi, Zhang Dada, Jiang Chao and Zhang Xinyu set up star trainers to attack the high target.

"Sansheng three worlds five peach blossoms" cooking Yang Yang Yang Mi Tae Bang Gon

Kan Qingzi, the undercover officer of "Tian Di Ren Jie", took Jialun as a show of love.

"Dear prince," Zhao Yi Chien played a trick on the goddess goddess.

Singer Wang Feng, Teng Ko Erh, JESSIE J, Angela Chang, Li Quan, Hua Chenyu, Tan Dingan and Huo Zun bring you a feast of seeing and hearing.

The voice is in its own way.

"Negotiator" Yang Mi and Huang Zitao first saw CP.

"Old boy" Ariel Lin Liu Ye honey love attack

"Star detective third season" new return! He Jiong, Sa Beining, Bai Jingting, Wu Lei and other big coffee. Gathering Perfect perfect new classical dance. upgrade Experience, open the new storm of national detectives!

The parallel world of metamorphometer allows us to "Empathy" in the name of youth.

Guan Xiaotong and Song Weilong, who are "Phoenix prisoner's Phoenix", demonstrate their love in troubled times.

The lover of love Doctor Jin Dong collided with "slag man"

Victoria Song, Jiang Jinfu and Yang Yang deduce the grand mystery of the Republic of China.

Yuan Hong and Xinyi Zhang lived in seclusion Parenting First experience.

"My youth meets you" Wei Qianxiang Jiang Yan deduces the "burn out department" into the small couple.

"Daddy where to go 5" handsome dad and cute baby bring new lineup and play. Wu Chun and his children, Jordan Chan Father and son, Du Jiang, father and son are the parents and guests lineup.

" Hunting ground Look at Hu Ge Avatar senior Headhunting In business circles!

" Happy camp He Jiong led the happy family to host, the idol zero distance, the humorous new. sth. extraordinarily interesting Many flavors!

"Baby's new friend" is the most experienced son and grandchildren experience show.

"Dear them" watch the old drama bone Song Dandan and the small meat Zhang Ruoyun play with the wind.

Wang Han sees every day to spread the knowledge of etiquette in the world.

Love story of "the aurora of the Aurora" and Guan Xiaotong, the successor of the 90s, and Marco, the successor of the group

Dear Inn, Liu Tao and Wang Ke show you the pastoral life.

"The road meets youth from white tonight". Chen Ruoxuan and Ann Yue Xi deduce the love story between students of art department and warm girls.

Update log

1. optimize page structure

2. repair B UG Optimize user experience.

3. mango TV open 6.x new mode

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