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Mango TV Apple mobile phone version of the v5.7.6 version of iPhone Mango TV IOS download | Mango TV mobile phone version of apple The score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: Mango TV Video app

Mango TV Apple version Hunan satellite TV's a very popular mobile phone video app, bringing together a number of program information, covering entertainment, television dramas, movies and other video type mobile phone watch as a whole, more convenient viewing a collection of key recommendations. Come to the Green Resources Network Download experience!

Mango TV IOS version introduction

Mango TV mobile phone version of the app, Hunan TV mango TV official app. Mango TV mobile phone version of the app, 24 hours of continuous playback of popular programs, large programs to provide 360 degree panoramic holidays live, you want to see the broadcast only secret here. The most popular variety, new TV series, there are a variety of independent broadcast Hunan TV broadcasting content here.

 Mango TV IOS Download

Mango TV iPhone version features

The interface design 1, cool, smooth and comfortable operating experience, absolutely Installed the necessary

2, rich video content, movies, television, animation, arts, sports and everything

3, the traditional search, highlights and ranking recommend a combination, easy to find love piece

4, tens of thousands of films, TV series, dozens of sets of variety update

5, to join the live channel version of the update and understand the latest film dynamic

Mango TV recommendations

"Love" to see the same day Linjiang Kai Zhai interpretation of love view temperature.

"Unfortunately not you" Fan Shiqi, song Yan Fei, Xiao Shunyao interpretation of over ten years of love SM

"Original" Raiders of the Lost Ark dog dog partner inspirational growth program. Yang Shuo, Sha Yi, Zhang Dada, Jiang Chao and Zhang Xinyu formed the star dog team to the high goal of attack.

"III. five peach" meal for Yang Yang Yang Mi Tae Bang Gon

"Babel" undercover Dee Kan Qingzi, Jialun staged sadomasochistic love articles

"Dear prince adults" Zhao Yihuan play scheming mask, the goddess of the line

"Singer" Wang Feng, Teng Ko Erh, JESSIE J, Angela Chang, Li Quan, Hua Chenyu, Tan Dingan, Huo statue to bring you the audio-visual feast.

The sound of "immersive" competition. The old play bone hard effort with the sound to awaken your ears

"Officer", Huang Zitao Yang Mi talks first, your pet CP Out of blows friendship grows

"Old boy" Ariel Lin Liu Ye honey love struck

The "star detective Season 3" new regression! He Jiong, Sa Beining, Bai Jingting, Wu Lei and other large coffee Gathered Perfect, engraved classic new stage upgrade Experience, open universal detective new storm!

"Parallel world" of deformeter let us in the name of youth "empathy"!

"Phoenix Phoenix" Guan Xiaotong Song Weilong interpretation of prisoners Machiavellian love gone,

"Yuppie" love Mr. Doctor It hit the "slag male killer" Jiang Shuying

"Romance", Jiang Jinfu Victoria Song Zhen cocoon, Yang Yang interpretation of the legendary crime suspense drama.

"Yuan Hong Xinyi Zhang house" Meng Zi adorable couple in seclusion Parenting Early experience.

"My youth I met you" Wei Qianxiang Jiang Yan "funeral burning" deductive onslaught of husband and wife

"Daddy where the 5 handsome and cute adorable baby daddy" brings new lineup and gameplay. Wu Chun and his children, Jordan Chan Father and son, Du Jiang and his son as a parent-child lineup of guests.

" Hunting "See Hu Ge Senior incarnation Headhunting Perpendicular and horizontal in business!

" Happy camp "He Jiong led a happy family hosted a new idol zero distance, humor sth. extraordinarily interesting Weiduo!

The "new friends" the most adorable baby contrast yesun grandparents parenting life experience show!

"Dear" they see the old play bone Song Dandan and little meat Zhang Ruoyun Biao play the same stage

"Every day" to see Wang Han led the brothers every day spread world etiquette knowledge.

"Aurora" love see 90 returnees actor Guan Xiaotong and heiress mark love story

"Dear Liu Tao inn" and his wife Wang Ke, take you to experience rural life

"The road from tonight white met Chen Ruoxuan, Yue Xi youth" interpretation of art students and the warm love story adorable girl!

Developer: Hunan happy sunshine interactive entertainment media Limited

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