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Master Lu assistant app v9. official version of Android mobile phone Master Lu mobile phone download | Master Lu mobile phone assistant app The score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: Master Lu Run app

Master Lu The Android version of the 2019 Edition Is a professional mobile phone software performance testing, to provide genuine mobile phone verification, run a comprehensive grasp of the classification function, parameters and performance of mobile phone, but also a key to accelerate the upgrading of operation flow, give users the best experience, welcome to download the green resources!

Master Lu introduced mobile phone edition

Mobile phone, run, check the configuration of professional tools and experience!

100 million users Choice The mobile phone hardware experts.

Master Lu Android version is a Android mobile phone, tablet, Smart TV The performance evaluation, run the software, through the "memory performance" and "performance" CPU CPU integer, floating-point performance "," 2D 3D, drawing performance"," data base IO, SD card read and write speed eight performance test, make an overall score through hardware performance reasonable project performance test of mobile phone, let you easily understand all the mobile phone, and then you want to buy the mobile phone.

 Master Lu mobile phone edition

The software features

Comprehensive performance evaluation upgrade A new test scheme, more intuitive

The new 3D scene more cool, more powerful pressure measurement test, GPU limit operation ability

The new score system, a comprehensive upgrade of score system, the new version for you to test

Master Lu app

1. models of massive data view: massive database of phone models;

2. hardware super cleaning: clean up more and more thorough defragmentation technology can optimize mobile storage speed;

3. memory acceleration: the second killing and release memory, Niubi memory release tool;

Four Mobile phone cool : Comprehensive monitoring of mobile phone mobile phone fever temperature, a key to solving problems;

5. mobile phone users use comments: from the extensive use of the real machine experience, zero brush list;

6. comments from the list: the purchase must first purchase from the list;

7.: verify the authenticity of the phone can quickly identify the authenticity of the phone (currently Android false probability close to 10%, many machines are fake machine);

8. see configuration: a glance understand more than 40 mobile phone configuration, help you to truly understand their own mobile phone;

9. hardware run / experience evaluation: evaluation of mobile phone hardware configuration and performance of ROM (with fluency? Run a minute!) ;

10. Lu Xun: global pool of cutting-edge technology digital news.

Update log

V9. update:

1. red activity upgrade;

Optimization of 2. performance evaluation;

3. fixes some other problems.

V9. update:

[performance upgrade] experience new shock test

1. comprehensive test plan optimization

2. new Buddhist temple Enlightenment 3D scene

Comprehensive upgrade 3. score system

Some problems of 4. repair

Software screenshot

Download address

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First, Chinese netizens guests Published: 2015/1/14 13:22:52
Mobile phone no Master Lu will it do? Mobile phone test artifact!

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