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The latest Peld expression package Daquan full version of 270 Bier de QQ expression pack downloads | Peld face Bao Daquan The score: 8

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Software introduction

Peld expression package Daquan is a super cute Super Chick Q expression package, the package is to move the map expression as the main form, super hungry Q Meng chicken let you chat fun, like to download it green resources network!

The girl bier de QQ expression package introduction:

Super adorable bird girl bier de QQ expression package is the small series of the most of all Zheng Chacha hand-painted QQ expression package, including a total of 270P (including the pixel size version of 26P+ 30P version of the dynamic expression of color, color version of big bird girl billd, bird girl billd expression).

Bier de QQ expression package preview:

 Peld expression package

The use of expression package:

Picture version needs to be added to the chat tool, click on the chat tool in the need to add pictures, instead of import. You can use the Shift key on the keyboard + mouse, the pictures can be added to the chat tool in batch.

There is QQ expression package format specific version of the.Eip only need to install on the line.

Software screenshot

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First / Henan Anyang / Xuchang Unicom ADSL users guests Published: 2017/5/4 22:00:08
Very adorable cute expression package, like a potato, ha ha! I love, very interesting!

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