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On V1.2.1 IOS mobile phone version of iPhone version of the painting Review of painted Apple software download | IPhone version of painting criticism The score: 8

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Software introduction

The apple version of painting criticism Is a specially designed for art examination of the friends to create art software, where a collection of many art college teachers, users can upload their own works of art, let them help you to carry out a full range of comments, at the same time can have a preliminary understanding of majorinstitutions, convenient Choice School, there is a need to welcome friends to download and use the network of green resources!

Evaluation of iPhone version of the painting characteristics

1. college experts: here is the information related to the Academy of fine arts teacher, in order to make students more choice of direction teacher.

2. art information, hand grasp: here are the arts related throughout most of the colleges and universities, easy access to information.

 Apple App painting criticism

3. you work, the teacher to comment: Here you can upload your own artwork, then there will be the major academy teacher for your comments.

4. picture, a second pass: Here we have the best engineers, you don't have to transfer failure, transmission slow and anxious upset.

Content update

1. third party login function.

2. increase the information sharing function, improve the share links, open the corresponding news page.

3. modify the APP error.

Developer: Shanghai Network Technology Co., Ltd. on painting

Software screenshot

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