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UUCall network telephone mini version v4.1.58 simplified Chinese green version  UUCall network telephone mini version The score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: UUCall Telephone network

UUCall Telephone network The global minimum telephone network. The software small, less than 1.2M, no installation, direct operation, simple and convenient to use; no clear voice, your network is Telecom or Netcom, interested friends to download it green resources network!

The UUCall phone network

UUCall will connect to your nearest server, call the same effect quality, call landline and mobile phone as clear; online address book, you can login software whenever and wherever possible synchronization; the operation of human nature, based on your input number by key humanization prompting the number you dialed; call recording, call you can put her book as a permanent memorial. UUCall telephone network, to create a most simple and easy to use, the highest quality Internet phone.

 The official version of the UUCall network telephone

UUCall network telephone Mini function

Interface operation lock:

UUCall lock function makes the operation more safe, when you use this function, even if other people use your computer, can view and manipulate your UUCall; when you come back, you can easily unlock password

Intelligent prompt extension number:

Set the extension phone number, UUCall smart tips in the dial, dial to make more convenient

USB phone plug:

UUCall supports a variety of USB phones, cordless phone more support, so you can call me on the phone and move unfettered, very free and convenient.

Support call recording:

UUCall recording settings, help you to easily record at any time instant voice chat process, aftertaste

The same person can add 3 different numbers:

The same contact, can also add three numbers, one to many “ ” add contact function, avoid missing gather parts into a whole

Easy to set up a blacklist:

Always received a strange number of incoming? The powerful UUCall stop setting, to help you easily filtering black list number, more relaxed, carefree experience for your communication

Call inquiries, billing and clear:

You can not only in UUCall interface to query the recent call records, you can also log in UUCall page for more detailed information.

Hotkey operation, action more quickly:

For each operation custom keyboard shortcuts, more convenient to use!

Update log

UUCall phone V4.0.508 Mini

1. to improve the efficiency of the contact search

2. modify the software interface style

3. improved interface keyboard operation

4. optimization of multiple user experience

Software screenshot

Download address

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