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Software introduction

The traffic control 12123 Apple version Is a set of traffic Illegal query The motor vehicle driving license, handling and other functions in one of the mobile phone software. Users can use this software to query traffic violation records, online booking for motor vehicle license plate, replacement of the motor vehicle driving license and driver's license certification services. Provides great convenience for the main drive motor vehicle! Welcome to download the use of Green Resources Network users!

 The 12123 Apple App mobile phone

The traffic control 12123ios

"The 12123" is the Ministry of public security official Internet integrated service platform for traffic safety management (*, hereinafter referred to as the Internet platform) only mobile phone client application software, by the Ministry of Public Security Traffic Management science The Institute is responsible for research and development and provide technical support. The software services for the majority of users of the national motor vehicle owners, drivers etc..

The 12123 Apple App mobile phone features

1, the use of free software registration.

2, driving test appointment.

3, electronic surveillance equipment records the illegal processing.

4, I am bound vehicle and driver's license.

5, the new primary motor vehicle license plate.

6, traffic management related business management Navigation .

7, the motor vehicle driver's license renewal, extension extension check and submit proof of physical condition.

8, motor vehicle, driving license and inform the relevant information query hint.

License, motor vehicle license plate, driving license 9, make renewal of motor vehicle, the replacement of the motor vehicle safety technical inspection mark.

Update log

V1.4.1 update:

1. NEW Used car The transfer of the registration number selection, second-hand car business to pick function.

2. client interface optimization, repair of B UG .

Software screenshot

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