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Popular movie player v3.0.3.66 official version _Funshion The popular player | official download Popular movie player The users score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: Popular Funshion

Popular HD movies and TV free online on-demand support Network TV Online free movies, movies on demand, download, online TV, watch. Use The world's most advanced P2P on demand High speed, smooth, high definition, on 000 free movies, television, animation and entertainment network Updated daily, more than one hundred and twenty million users worldwide, already in use.
A lot of friends around the popular love, green resources network Xiaobian not because of love. Secretly upload data too much, a few people share it, other people can not use the basic network. !

The characteristics of the product

Dish quality
The popular television program has achieved DVD quality, is 3 times greater than the online video site definition, home theater experience level of audio-visual enjoyment.
Massive program
More than 100 thousand hours of original programs, including film, television, animation, variety and other exciting content, updated daily. If you all day long 24 hours to watch the popular show, 11 years.
High speed download
In the nationwide network of nodes, a distributed content management server into a more high performance, the world's leading P2P download engine, make popular speed upgrade.
Point to play
Regardless of everyone, start popular, relax a little, you can play your on-demand movie and TV, full support for HD video playback smooth.
Local playback
Support local video file playback, to add movies can be popular, can also be right Choice Popular open file. If the ready file, double-click to play.
Automatic shutdown
If you do not watch the popular show, can put the popular program downloaded to the local, and can be in the "Settings" menu select "downloaded automatically shut down".
Friends of the same interest
There have been more than 80 million users in the use of fashion, you can easily find the same hobbies and popular by your fans, share the viewing experience, sharing the latest movie.
Viewing history
Save the popular viewing history for you, you can always have seen the wonderful movie aftertaste.

The latest version of the instructions issued

V2.8.6 Build51 [2013-08-26]

To reduce the popularity of system memory
To solve some crash problems
To solve the popular minimization cannot open popular hot links
When prompted to download a local file playback solution Decoder Error

The performance optimization of the client, the client UI reduce collapse;
Fixed some B UG ;
V2.8.1 Build35 [2012-11-06]
Repair installation related issues
Live repair related problems
Correction of other problems
The popular 2012V2.8.1 Build34 [2012-11-05] Download
Repair installation related issues
Live repair related problems
Correction of other problems

The popular V2.8.1 Build17 [2012-09-28] download 2012
The client can increase support web address input function
Optimization of the client experience some of the details
Optimization of client interface and interactive experience
Optimize the code, reduce the client crashes.
Some other bug repair
The popular V2.8.0 Build50 [2012-14-09] official version
Optimization of client performance
Optimize the code, reduce the client crashes.
Some other bug repair

Software screenshot

Download address

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First, Zhejiang (Haining) Jiaxing Unicom users guests Published: 2014/12/19 16:36:42
Online free movies on demand, very cool, is very smooth.

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