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360 file shredder stand-alone version of the v7.5.0.1035 version of the green free 360 independent download | file shredder 360 stand-alone file shredder The score: 8

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Software introduction

Three hundred and sixty file pulverizer Independent version When you delete the software, there may be some legacy files cannot be thoroughly cleaned to remove, then you can use this software to complete the most rapid cleaning effect, has the bundled trojan virus stubborn file rapid cleaning effect!

360 independent version of the file shredder

360 file shredder is 2011 small Kafan hey 360 security guards The 8.5 edition is a set of powerful extract file shredder, stubborn Trojan forcibly disarm the process such as one of the tools to remove violence!

 360 independent version of file shredder

Often use 360 File tools to delete files, not what secret photos, but sometimes not delete files!

Features introduction

360 the file tools, file and delete completely crushed, 360 file shredder by 360 Security guards Unique ice breaking technology, the protective and stubborn Trojan malware removal, strong and completely remove Trojans and malware files.

It can basically put the file delete, delete the folder support.

Usage method

One Choice Need to use a paper shredder file.

2. drag the file or by adding pieces added to list file button.

3. you can also click on the bottom left of the add files, folders or directly drag the button you want to delete the file or folder to the window.

Green Resources Net

If you installed 360 security guards The latest version of the application function of books. You can also right-click to delete the file. 360 strong delete.

Compressed inside both versions

1:360 file shredder green extraction version

2:360 file shredder independent version of the V7.5.0.1035 version of the green free

Software screenshot

Download address

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