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The rumor - death v4.0 Spring Festival special edition of snow hidden password hero The rumored death v4.0| The rumor - death v4.0 Spring Festival Special Edition snow The score: 8

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The game is introduced

Game label: The rumor Dota

The rumored death v4.0 version to strengthen all the heroes, monsters and BOSS also increased, adding a new highest difficulty, adds two new heroes, the terrain is modified, more updates to green resources to download experience!


The map name: Gods - rumored death V4.0 Spring Festival Special Edition snow

Map types: Warcraft RPG map

Warcraft Version: 1.24

Author: burning map

The number of support: at least 1 to 5 strong.

Map background

The century a feared assassination organization, apocalypse, I heard that as long as there is a corresponding reward, even God can kill you. Shine in the first World War! It makes the abyss, hell remember peoples "death". The organization has always strictly select personnel, training personnel into each organization has only one chance! Death or an assassin - "the century"


1. early -1 per level enhanced hero upgrade The more attribute points to 3 points - 2 increase in the initial attack 35 hero

2. all the heroes enhanced

(1) modify the phantom rider

Operation skills for new skills -2 fraud fraud - = (a heart spur a large number of real damage = two range further damage) 2 attacks from 50% inherited the myriads of changes in 200%. bearing damage is doubled

The magic of the attack 30 to 400.4 strokes enhanced 50% damage

(2) enhanced the bloody harvest

1 additional damage increased to 60% times the field! 2 Devastate damage increased to 2.5 times per level! 3 modify the exclusive talent every 3 high relief burst probability raising (9 times 3% times 6% times 3 - 6 - 9% 15% - 6 9 times to 20% times 3 times 25%)

(3) enhanced the shadow cast aside

1 do damage per level increased to 2.5 times. (and low.. high. The ultimate summon) attack increased by 50 to 300.4 skills greatly enhanced! 2 strokes to enhance 50%

3 exclusive gift 100% additional damage =150% damage

(4) shadow cruiser 50% damage per level increased /

(5) 1 increase every Soul Reaver assassin soul attack 10! The full level of a total of 150 more! 2 each soul of big additional base damage increased by 20%

3 enhanced exclusive talent -30% 3% real life following =3% damage caused by damage to 5%

3. all the mobs.BOSS enhanced 50%- to 150%

4. all the common equipment to enhance 30% all Rune equipment enhanced 100% (adding 20 senior and special equipment. The new 2 artifact hidden stores)

5. a world to strengthen a little (but not too much to +10% 100%)

6. unique challenges to strengthen the decryption copy (+50% to 150%)

7. - added difficulty (adding a new highest difficulty - deification difficulty = was born with a large amount of money of wood and 2 random chest)

The 8. amendment (reduce the revival time CD=60 seconds CD. reduce the Resurrection time = resurrection as long as 3 seconds you will become a real man again)

The 9. amendment all task transfer delay (in advance to 2 seconds)

10. modify terrain (vulnerability and some improvement)

11. reduce the synthesis of a large number of items and equipment selling price

12. to strengthen the attack and enhance skills (scroll scroll 100%-400%= deeper if you find your attack or skill not move blame, please try to reel - who know)

13. enhance all common talent

1 - free gift from 3% crit.130& crit damage into 25% crit damage probability.150%

2 potential from the outbreak of life attack hero 10% increase 100% tune into the hero 20% life 200%

3 - backstab from 10 * 15 * to harm agile agile

14. 2 added a new hero (continuous harassment Assassin - operation feeling cool acid and ultra high outbreak assassin)

15. = 80% increase red envelopes have a strange 25% (open out any box and any Lian Ji Lian Ji stone have 20% red (random probability out of money. And the beast soul crystal seal pieces)

16. 3 and the beast burst attribute random 3 box

17. increased the weather

18. strengthen the survival (early mobs are now easier to tear down)

19. repair each demand with certificate sent. The source (convenient new)

20. repair all Q damage (300% 100% = weaken agile) (although the damage is reduced, but the CD time to 3 seconds, plus dead time is reduced, to maximize the use of Q can be said to really die, from the previous outbreak to now continued flow. Card Q is not fixed! After all, elegant operation)

21. select each hero has probability to get a legend appellation (name red shiny)

22. repair potential covering big move or skill issues

23. increased F9 tips (personal challenge. Team challenges. A unique world. Copies required for customs clearance.)

Map installation method

1). W3X is the frozen throne (TFT) map.

2). W3M is the reign of chaos (ROC) map).

3) please put them on the Warcraft Maps\Download\ directory, after entering the game can choose this map.

4). W3N is the battle pack, please put it on the Warcraft Campaigns\ directory.


Download address

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