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Software introduction

Usbkillerv3.21 Zhuceji memory is a green version of the activation code generator software, can use the software free to generate a serial number information, to achieve a permanent registration free use. Experience the powerful usbkiller software disk killing function. Users need to quickly download network use green resources.

Software introduction

USBKiller is a specialized for preventing and killing the virus, Auto virus, U disk virus flash tool. In addition to 30, Rose, RavMone second lightning killing rising, Fun.xls and other dozens of viruses that spread through the U disk, you can also implement the active defense system, automatic detecting and clearing insert U disk virus, fundamentally prevent computer virus infection by U disk, to solve your worries. Never let the immune function of the virus into your U disk U disk lock unlock function; lift state, solve equipment problems cannot be safely removed; repair repair cannot show hidden files, double-click can not open the disk, right-click Auto clear words, unable to open repair Anti-virus software .

 Usbkiller3.21 ri

Usbkiller3.21 registered software features

1. active defense virus:

When inserted U disk, can automatically detect and remove the U disk virus, prevent computer virus infection by U

2. process view and management:

To distinguish whether the process is safe, allows you to easily view the process and to quickly identify suspicious and terminate the program in the system

3. overall scanning To find the virus:

Support scanning object: memory, local hard disk, U disk, you can find out the current nearly 1200 kinds of U disk virus

4. unlock U disk function:

Lift the U disk lock status: Unplug the U disk and other mobile devices encountered "unable to stop the device, protect the U disk and other equipment is not damaged

5. complete removal of U disk virus:

To find out the virus, can completely clear: such as: Auto.exe, U, U disk exe disk folder virus file virus, virus and other beauty

Usbkiller crack version features

1. support MSN, Xiaohao virus killing, new memory scanning.

2. support equipment safe removal function.

3. enhanced scanning depth, providing personalized U disk, USB display device group information.

4. support USB mobile device plug records, privacy protection, data security.

5. support IEFO (IFEO class) to clear the virus and IEFO repair.

Adding 6. Vista antivirus partner called entrance. More security tools easy to use.

7. strong ability to repair the system after anti-virus easily solve hard double-click can not open system.

8. real time detection system date modification virus, can effectively kill the latest autorun U disk virus.

Use the usbkiller3.21 method to register machine:

Open: memory register. Exe, registered software, any input registration code, determine.

Crack description:

The registration code storage location: C:\ProgramData\USBSecurity

. Decompression password:

Software screenshot

Download address

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The first floor Shanghai Nanhui cable through guest users Published: 2014/11/14 12:02:53
To purify the U disk tools as well, the virus can update speed, the protection of important documents were not infected

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