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Software introduction

Software label: Maya 3D modeling

Maya 2013 Is a good set of 3D modeling, animation, rendering the effect in one of the world custom software, brought a lot of benefits for the digital modeling era, to create high simulation products very artistic effect, apply to the game production, industrial production as well as many virtual reality project!

The official introduction

The world's top 3D animation software Maya 2013 simplified Chinese official version is 3D modeling, game character animation, film special effects rendering senior software.

 Maya2013 Download

The software features

1. it is the integration of animation and digital effects technology is the most advanced, including not only the general three-dimensional and visual effects production function,

2. and the most advanced modeling, digital clothsimulation hair rendering, motion technology, has become the preferred solution for the current market for digital and three-dimensional production tools.

3. animators once mastered Maya, will greatly increase the production efficiency and quality, regulate the simulation character animation, rendering the true effect of the film in general, move to the world's top animators.

Autodesk Maya 2013 Win32

Ed2k://|file|%5B%E4%B8%89%E7%BB%B4%E8%A7%92%E8%89%B2%E5%8A%A8%E7%94%BB%E5%88%B6%E4%BD%9C%E5%B7%A5%E5%85%B7%5D.Autodesk_Maya_2013_English_Japanese_SimplifiedChinese_Win_32bit.exe|1523730092|f85db16f7befa7fbc234bdc10c2c3f6e|h= opr26ufqkwgohbklpbmjqlawxcqzuclz|/

Autodesk Maya 2013 win64

Ed2k://|file|%5B%E4%B8%89%E7%BB%B4%E8%A7%92%E8%89%B2%E5%8A%A8%E7%94%BB%E5%88%B6%E4%BD%9C%E5%B7%A5%E5%85%B7%5D.Autodesk_Maya_2013_English_Japanese_SimplifiedChinese_Win_64bit.exe|1630552088|19ca8f8f18fda8d61249061d82691fde|h= 36ia5y2g64vwraabp6mud2mwjwkhxi6e|/

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