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Cool music 2019 v9.1.0.3 the latest version of Android official version Cool music 2019 mobile phone download | The latest version of cool music 2019 The score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: Cool music App music

Cool music Download and install the 2019 box KuWo is the official launch of a mobile phone music player . The software not only has a mass of music resources and MV resources; update speed, new songs, music, album update, let the user first hear the latest music. Quickly download experience!

Software introduction

An example of "reading" the whole network independent broadcast every Tuesday, Zhang Jike, Xiao Zhan, updated, Zhu Yilong, Cai Xukun, Bai Yu, Xu Weizhou and other popular stars as you read; "masked sing guess" dream "," sound "," Chinese dream sound - a legend ", enjoy the high quality popular variety songs, emotion, talk, Radio Drama , radio station Show everything!

 Cool music 2019 version of mobile phone

Cool music mobile phone version features

1. a key search massive music library, create authoritative list

2. automatically pull the precise lyrics and singer HD Photo

3. convenient local music management and playback

4. beautiful, beautiful lyrics start picture

5. custom skin function, highlight the personality

5. stunning voice search and humming recognition and other unique features

Cool music version of mobile phone function

- Listen Music With cool.

[] the massive library library, I hear song song;

[exclusive] content selection of music content, exclusive promotions for you;

[sound] multiple lossless sound Choice Nondestructive quality, enjoy;

[] "my collection of synchronous synchronous collection, seamless cross platform use;

[network] unique network skin skin function, skin dozens of arbitrary choice;

[color] white minimalist theme, support custom color

Intelligent control and intelligent switching [], the phone does not listen to music;

[recommended] personality according to your listening habits, recommend quality content for you every day.

Love singing, with cool

[Mass] song, song accompaniment, songs, love songs, English songs, songs you sing million

[cool] sound in a variety of scenarios, such as personally on the scene to help you perfect interpretation.

[hot] works Go to karaoke The rivers and lakes, people quickly sing, compete!

[dynamic] song song friend friends, friends, never missing

[event] want to quickly match that competition, talent shows itself, there are big prizes waiting for you oh

[the Carelinks induction] found the heart have a partner in the process of listening to each other

[ Sofa King] listen to karaoke, grab the sofa, win flowers, nice and fun

- see video With cool.

[Video] kichiku, the tide of entertainment, music, dance, the latest wave of video in MV channel

[HD] MV coffee first, South Korea pop music, massive MV want to see

[Live] thousands of artists performing live online, real-time interaction with you

Usage method

How to make mobile phone cool music The bell ?

1. click on the upper right corner of the mobile phone cool music [menu]

 Cool music mobile phone edition

2. choose [ring clip]

3. select a song downloaded songs

 Cool music box version of mobile phone

4. enter the editing interface, and drag the progress bar can be adjusted

 Cool music mobile phone edition

5. good location after the audition and after trimming

 Cool music version of Android

6. feel satisfied words can choose [save]

 Cool music app

7. click [see] saved successfully

8. can be cut the bell ringing or set to delete

Common problem

1. why not find the original cool?

Cool original radio now fit into the cool sound area, enter the recommended page, click on the essence of cool sound today - area - Hot - cool radio to the original column. Or cool music FM click in the page recommendation on the map can also enter the focus.

Two desktop It has opened the lyrics but why not?

There are several situations:

1) millet mobile phone, the system default screen desktop lyrics, please set the desktop window suspended in cool music options in the settings application;

2) HUAWEI mobile phone high version of the system will shield the default desktop in HUAWEI's own lyrics, please Software Manager You can adjust the characteristics of management in the floating window toolbar.

3. why will automatically download the songs?

1) "I love listening to the song list will automatically download the songs in the WIFI network status, the use of personal traffic will not automatically download, do not worry about traffic problems where you can go," I love to listen to the list of open / close;

2) "listen and download" button to open, listen to songs downloaded automatically, you can sidebar - set off "listen and download.

4. download songs off net to play?

Download the songs off the network can not play, prompting network anomalies, which is due to local file missing or change the position of the re scanning Local songs or download these songs can be solved. If you suggest Decoder Do not support this problem, our engineers are working to repair, please wait patiently.

5. how to scan the song?

The more options for the local songs, can choose according to the specified folder full scan and scan, scan filter can filter length less than 60 seconds Song, close filter option, it can scan to less than 60 seconds of audio files, the current version is activated automatically when scanning, without manual operation.

Update log

V9.1.0.3 update:

The singer added channel page, often listen to the singer, singer dynamic

Fluency, ease of use optimization

V9.1.0.1 update:

The singer added channel page, often listen to the singer, singer dynamic

Fluency, ease of use optimization

V9.0.7.2 update:

The cover page mode play visual optimization, give you more immersive playback experience

Support upload Small video Also, video upload music clips

Support AI smart sound, give you perfect hearing effect

Personal home page set Head portrait Pendant, cool essential

Support publish pictures comments, looking forward to your God comments

Mobile users support cool mobile traffic package

The overall visual optimization

Developer: yeelion online network technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

Software screenshot

Download address

Click the error Unable to download software download or not available, please click on the error, thank you!

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