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Red - app v4.2.9 Android version Fast download mobile phone version | red Fast red app The score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: Fast red Grab red app

Fast red App Is a by Alibaba Specially launched a grab red auxiliary software, software has a red alert function, red news platform will timely remind, let you no longer miss a red envelope, a friend in need as soon as possible to Green Resources Network Download experience!

Function introduction

Red hand is automatically grab red software is a simple, safe and fast, whether you are a bright screen or lock screen, as long as there is red seconds will automatically grab the envelopes, automatically removed, stored in your wallet, everything is automatic, you will make a surprise every day, every day red!

The software features

1. of the world's fastest an automatic grab red software, simple, safe and fast. Let your mobile phone does not leak any envelopes!

2. you still miss red regret? Is slow hand distressed? Fast with red hand grab red, always grab first!

3. seconds to grab a red envelope! Lock screen grab bag! One step ahead! Cross group grab bag! Not a leak! Nouveau riche road to success, build up the family fortunes essential artifact!

Usage method

1, first of all, download the latest fast Grab a red envelope artifact Version, and then click the icon to enter.

 Fast red

2. click open to grab a red envelope, it will let you open the display switch auxiliary function in hand to grab a red envelope artifact.

 Fast red app Download

You can click on the corresponding position of 3, quickly grab a red envelope into the set open.

 Fast red

 Fast red app Download

 Fast red

 Fast red app Download

4, finally returned to the home page click on the open software, you can directly open to grab a red envelope!

 Fast red

Update log

V3.5 version update
1. optimization guide novice to quickly familiar with the method of using hand;
2. notification bar can quickly view quickly work state;
3. new victories today ranking, come worship a nouveau riche;
4. repair QQ grab a red envelope does not return to the BUG;

Software screenshot

Download address

Click the error Unable to download software download or not available, please click on the error, thank you!

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